Saudi Arabian Court Orders Woman Flogged For Driving

Just after we ran a rare congratulatory piece on the Saudi King giving the right to vote to woman, the Saudi courts gave a chilling reminder of the plight of women in the Kingdom by sentencing Shaima Ghassaniya to be flogged for driving.

Ghassaniya will be given 10 lashes for the crime of driving — and violating the rules against such conduct. Notably, it is not the law but religious edicts that prohibit such driving — laws enforced in the Kingdom with no separation of Mosque and State.

Source: NPR

10 thoughts on “Saudi Arabian Court Orders Woman Flogged For Driving”

  1. Gene H.
    1, September 28, 2011 at 12:10 pm
    “Sure you can go vote, honey. Here’s the car keys.”

    good one gene

  2. I love the separation of mosque and State line! This is another example of what happens when you blur the line between religion and government. This is the type of regulation or law you would get with the religious right’s claims that God’s law is all we need.

  3. Knarly and logical we all can be regarding this but really…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! The way men use their brute strength and lack of empathy to blame women and beat them into submission is fucking disgusting. But you all are right.. the different ways the states are beginning to mirror the vomit inducing lack of respect for the life givers and In fact…more peaceful of the two genders is terrifying.

  4. Perry’s a wimp but he might just order someone else to do it. Now that Chris Christie- he’s just an animal, I can tell by the way he talks to people, he’d do it personally!


  5. I sure hope Rick Perry doesn’t get hold of this. he’ already trying to kill women by taking away their access to health care. if he finds out he can just beat them to death………………..

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