Pakistani Religious Elders Order The Killing of Teenage Rape Victim For Losing Her Virginity Before Marriage

A family in Pakistan is living in poverty and avoiding neighbors calling for their deaths. Their offense? The oldest daughter was raped and the family did not kill her as demanded as a matter of honor. Unlike hundreds of such girls killed in honor killings each year, Kainat Soomro, 17, is being supported by her family and refuses to back down in demanding justice for her kidnapping and gang rape.

Soomro was kidnapped in Mehar, Pakistan and held for days as she was gang raped. After she escaped, she and her father went to police who allegedly refused to act. In the meantime, the family was told by religious elders to kill the girl.

They declared her kari (or “black female”) for losing her virginity outside marriage.

The local court has ruled against her due to the lack of independent evidence. However, the lack of evidence is reportedly due to the police failing to investigate. Her case is again focusing on the abuses of these religious edicts in Pakistan and the mistreatment of girls under radical Islamic principles.

Source: The Atlantic

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  1. Well, you all sound so sophisticated and intelligent with your arguments for and against the different types of killing we experience all over the world. I have to chuckle at those who, when they have nothing better to say, dismiss people by telling them, “You just don’t get it so I have no more time for you.” Weak, controlling and Manipulative verbiage. How dare you look down on someone who simply does not agree with you so OBVIOUSLY they do not understand you. The issue ceases to exist and you’ve won, right? The issue is the lack of care or concern…lack of value on human life…not just the upset over everyone’s RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Of course we do not all have the right to choose whatever we want or there wouldn’t be any laws saying anything was wrong! We were given laws to rid us of the ignorance that didn’t even know right from wrong. Why is it wrong to kill innocent women, 5-yr old children and even animals in an abusive manner and it is just fine to kill a child that simply has not taken one breath outside it’s mother’s body? Why? Nevermind. You cannot answer it in a way that I will ever understand so I know you don’t have time for me. My apologies for bothering you.

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