Pakistani Religious Elders Order The Killing of Teenage Rape Victim For Losing Her Virginity Before Marriage

A family in Pakistan is living in poverty and avoiding neighbors calling for their deaths. Their offense? The oldest daughter was raped and the family did not kill her as demanded as a matter of honor. Unlike hundreds of such girls killed in honor killings each year, Kainat Soomro, 17, is being supported by her family and refuses to back down in demanding justice for her kidnapping and gang rape.

Soomro was kidnapped in Mehar, Pakistan and held for days as she was gang raped. After she escaped, she and her father went to police who allegedly refused to act. In the meantime, the family was told by religious elders to kill the girl.

They declared her kari (or “black female”) for losing her virginity outside marriage.

The local court has ruled against her due to the lack of independent evidence. However, the lack of evidence is reportedly due to the police failing to investigate. Her case is again focusing on the abuses of these religious edicts in Pakistan and the mistreatment of girls under radical Islamic principles.

Source: The Atlantic

61 thoughts on “Pakistani Religious Elders Order The Killing of Teenage Rape Victim For Losing Her Virginity Before Marriage

  1. And radical Islamist wonder why the Great Satan calls them barbaric!!! Islam it’s long past time that you stood in condemnation of these perversions of the teachings of your Prophet … otherwise your silence is deafening.

  2. Frankly sickening. I bet someone finally gets her and kills her and is celebrated in the community for “following allah”.

  3. Ah. What a beautiful day to be a woman all around the world. Isn’t it wonderful that the good men stand for our protection? That they speak up and demand change when it comes to homicidal maniacs dressing up like religious men? ain’t it grande how we send out troops into places where half the human beings are being systematically murdered bc the other half is crazy? Like…Oh wait…forget it. Maybe we should act like the men in Pakistan are genocide monsters who are killing humans with specific traits…oh wait…men are allowed to butcher women. I keep forgetting.

  4. Is it just me or does anyone else see a corelation between killing rape victims in Pakistan for losing their virginity and killing pregnant women in Texas (Perryland) who might want an abortion by taking away their health care?

  5. Blouise-

    Sick, sick, sick… and they have nuclear weapons. People of this mentality shouldn’t even be allowed to have the rocks they use to murder their own women.

  6. HenMan,

    On the other hand and purely from the perspective of sheer efficiency, you can kill a lot more already brutalized women by throwing nuclear weapons at them rather than rocks.

  7. @angrymanspeaks
    Yes, I do see that correlation. It’s about women being treated as property with men telling them what they can and cannot do with their bodies, minds, money and property whether by force of “law” or physical restraint.
    I’m not so sure that the “West” is much better. We couch our barbarism in pretty, patriotic, nationalisms while we rape and torture around the world in the name of instilling freedom and democracy while fighting terrorism. And remember that the US is the only nation to have ever used nuclear weapons and I don’t trust that we won’t be the first to do so again.
    I’m sorry you feel that way. Maybe it’s inappropriate, being male, for me to comment on the state of women’s issues in the world, but…
    I’m a child of WWII (before the boom) and I’ve seen tremendous and very positive changes in the state of women’s rights globally. There’s still a lot to be done for women to be treated with equal respect and this is but one example of just how far some still have to go. But, OTH, if you have a chance to read the new constitution of Libya written by the National Transitional Counsel you might notice that it’s guarantees of freedoms are stronger than those of the US and, especially, that women and men are constitutionally granted equal treatment (which even the US Constitution doesn’t state — remember the ERA amendment?). Of course, it remains to be seen if the equal treatment will be enforced. I hope so.
    Again, we have a long way still to go but I hope you do recognize the strides we have made. Either way I’d be happy to engage you in a dialog on the subjects of what’s been accomplished, what’s left to do and how we, as caring people, are going to go about creating a better world for all people regardless of their sex or any other individual characteristics.

  8. Charlie Poole-

    The small-time Sharia Republicans who have absolute power in their states are in full attack against women, beginning with Planned Parenthood and abortion providers. The only difference is their religions don’t have the power that Islam has. Fortunately, the separation of church and state still exists despite the Republicans’ burning desire to kill it.

    As to the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese had other options than absolute fanatacism available to them. The end result was an end to the carnage and undoubtedly far fewer casualties than an invasion of Japan would have caused to both sides. Okinawa was a bloody preview of an invasion of Japan and strongly influenced Harry Truman’s decision- which was the correct decision.

  9. Their religions don’t have the power……….Yet

    They’re working on it. Who thought extreme Islamic societies would become a role model for American Republicans

    And Alice fell down the rabbitt hole and….

  10. @HenMan
    Interesting observations but nothing new.
    If you think that there’s any separation of church and state left in the US I fear you are sadly mistaken. It went with Bush’s Thousand Points of [Darkness] and the coffin nail has been school vouchers and the use of public school space for conservative and extremist xian religious indoctrination.
    The reasons, excuses and rationalizations over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, justifications notwithstanding, the fact remains that we are the only country to, so far, use those “weapons of mass destruction” and if you believe that we won’t do so again I once more fear that you are sadly mistaken.

  11. HenMan

    but a nuclear weapon can only kill once (well, plus fallout but i’m trying to make a point here).

    but if you teach them to hate, and give them enough rocks, they can keep throwing and throwing and throwing.

    there’s a lotta rocks in them thar hills.

  12. And there’s a ginormous crapload of a lot more rocks within the Tea Party/John Birch Society/Koch minions from hell and their corporate friends than anything Pakistan can muster. They are the true homegrown terrorists.
    Aren’t we teaching hatred in this country just as much as is done in the extremist Islamic nations? Are we not more afraid of our neighbors than any other country in the world? And a nation filled with fear and hatred is a threat to everyone’s national security.
    I didn’t want this discussion to stray this far from women’s rights. Gaining equality for women is a major issue (if not the most major) for the growth of human society into a compassionate and caring one contrasting it to our barbaric past. But the current political climate in the US is a threat to a lot more than the gains women have made here at home. We are the major threat to world peace because, if for no other reason, the global corporations own our government and they have NO soul, no compassion, no love … only unbridled greed and lust for power. If they are not stopped the atrocities against women in Pakistan will pale in comparison for what is to come.

  13. Henman wrote

    As to the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese had other options than absolute fanatacism available to them. The end result was an end to the carnage and undoubtedly far fewer casualties than an invasion of Japan would have caused to both sides. Okinawa was a bloody preview of an invasion of Japan and strongly influenced Harry Truman’s decision- which was the correct decision.

    What a loyal recantation of State propaganda.

    No invasion of Japan was necessary. Japan had offered to surrender so long as they were allowed to maintain their emperor, an offer that was answered with the mass murder of innocent civilians in non-military targets of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Truman was a war criminal, and what the United States did was a crime against humanity.

  14. puzzling. Drank the Kool-Aid I see. I remember those days. The generals were not about to surrender. Even after the bombs were dropped, they tried to kidnap the emperor in a palace coup so he could not broadcast the surrender.

    Ever see what a thousand plane raid looked like? My old flight instructor flew P-38 fighter escort for some of those raids. In some ways, they were just as horrific as the relatively small atomic bombs of the day. The bombs got more publicity because of their nature and the fact that one bomb could do that much damage.

  15. Charlie Poole-

    I think your despair is premature. We still have the separation of church and state even if it is under attack. I recommend you do what I did the day after George W. Bush was re-elected. Join the ACLU and support it monetarily to the best of your ability. Their lawyers are in court day after day protecting the Constitution and they win in court. The courts are not all corrupted, in spite of what the media tells you. Among the cases the ACLU pursue most vigorously are separation of church and state issues and the protection of women’s rights. The Republican Governors and Legislatures are NOT going unchallenged.

    In my state (Wisconsin) we have recalled 2 State Senators and replaced them with Democrats. We are one vote shy of a majority but there is one Republican Senator who still thinks for himself, so the carnage is at least slowed. In November we will start collecting signatures to recall Gov. Scott Walker, if the Grand Jury investigating his activities as Milwaukee County Executive doesn’t do it first.

    The voices you don’t hear on television are the moderate Republicans and the Progressives, as well as the Independents. The Tea Party and the Republican Haters can’t win elections without the votes of the Moderate Republicans (and there are some) and Independents. I suspect many in these two groups are shocked by what they have seen in the statehouses this year. The kingmakers in the Republican Party are in a state of near- panic as they watch the freak show debates and hope someone with a brain will appear to run against Obama. Chris Christie and Jeb Bush seem content to sit on the sidelines and wait for 2016. Mitt Romney can’t get the looney vote because of their prejudices and Rick Perry is one stupid comment away from self-destruction. The rest of the Republican candidates belong in a low grade carnival side show.

    Despair not, my friend, it ain’t over yet.

  16. HenMan,

    Seriously, do you think a Bush stands a chance in Hell of being elected President anytime soon after the damage Uncurious George did to the country? You’re right. There are still some moderate Republicans out there and the ones I know to a one absolutely hate what Bush’s actions have wrought and probably wouldn’t vote for any member of that criminal family ever again.

  17. OS,

    In puzzling’s defense, he may have not drank the Kool-Aid but rather had it spoon fed to him. That “historical” article he linked to was published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Hardly a reputable source but wonderful propagandists in their own right.

  18. Henman, you stated of the Pakistani’s that “… People of this mentality shouldn’t even be allowed to have the rocks they use to murder their own women.”

    Allowed by whom? Should we take them out with drones, or put boots on the ground?

    Or would your mass murder by air to avoid a bloody invasion be the morally superior choice?

  19. Gene H-

    Unlike W, Jeb speaks English quite well, and in complete sentences, too. Do you think any teabaggers are capable of remembering anything that happened 8 years ago? By 2016 the mythmakers will have them believing that W was to Saint Ronnie what Jesus was to God. I expect by then W will be known as the George the Conquerer. Who else do they have who isn’t a blithering moron or a toxic State Governor? People will remember the bastard who made them go to another town and wait in line at the DMV for a photo I.D. and who won’t let them vote early anymore.

  20. angrymanspeaks
    1, September 29, 2011 at 6:46 pm
    Hey! Dawn Shevlin knows an Israeli CIA man.

    I’m sorry. That was just mean. My appologies Dawn.


    I have no idea who Dawn S is but somebody just threw a rock at her.

  21. “Do you think any teabaggers are capable of remembering anything that happened 8 years ago?”

    You raise a valid point, HenMan.

  22. puzzling-

    Don’t ever try to bullshit a former Ayn Rander with nonsense from the Ludwig von Mises Institute. I have a long memory and I have “checked my premises”.

    From your linked article; “The bombings (of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) were condemned as barbaric and unnecessary by high American military officers, including Eisenhower and MacArthur”. Would that be the same Gen. Douglas MacArthur who was fired by Harry Truman during the Korean War for publicly advocating the use of multiple atomic bombs against China, in addition to MacArthur’s blatant insubordination to his Commander-in-Chief? Did you think MacArthur would give any credit to the man who fired him. MacArthur wanted to nuke the Chinese to save his reputation after his reckless push to the Yalu River and his dismissal of intelligence reports that Chinese Communist troops were moving into North Korea in unknown numbers. The Army and Marines paid a terrible price for those errors by MacArthur and the American forces were pushed back South of the 38th parallel.

    As for the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, were the fire bombings of Tokyo, Dresden, and other Axis cities somehow morally superior to the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by nuclear weapons?

    Your claim of the Japanese being willing to surrender is utter nonsense. Who communicated this to the Allies? Are you aware that the Allies had agreed that only unconditional surrender by any Axis power would be accepted by any Allied nation? The Soviet Union declared war on Japan the day they had agreed upon at the Yalta Conference. Do you think that the U.S. would go behind their backs and accept anything less than unconditional surrender from Japan? The consequences for relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union would have been disasterous. The future relations of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. were not known at that time and were , of course, not a factor in Truman’s decision, which I will again state was the correct decision.

  23. Blouise-

    I remember that during the first Presidential election campaign of George H.W. Bush some comedian complained that Bush 41 had an unfair advantage because Quaker Oats had put a picture of Barbara Bush on all their oatmeal boxes.

  24. HenMan,

    I know the Akron area well (original home to Quaker Oats). They used to run the oats through tunnels under the streets and the aroma on a cold, blustery day was unbelievably pleasant. Have spent many a night, err, as an adult of course, at Quaker Square where the hotel rooms are in the old silos. I think the University of Akron owns it all now.

    I can’t recall seeing mother Bush’s picture anywhere but James Rhodes, the former republican gov. of Ohio who sent the troops to KSU thus facilitating the Kent State Massacre on May 4, 1970, has an arena in Akron named for him so … perhaps the killing spirit which so readily finds a comfortable home in mama Bush’s boys and in Rhodes is what said comedian sensed.

    Ha … bet you were wondering how in the hell I was going to get there.

  25. Convoluted, but thrilling. Did you click on my link? You will see “Bar” on the Quaker Oats box plus the added attraction of a cute baby. What could be cuter? (The baby, not “Bar”.)

  26. Puzzling:

    I usually agree with you on economics but on this you are wrong and so is the Von Mises Institute.

    Henman is right (arggggggh) on this.

    We had a right to drop those bombs, it is too bad we didnt have them in 1939. I kinda doubt Hitler would have invaded Poland and further doubt the Japanese would have attacked Pearl Harbor.

    I have heard the invasion of Japan would have cost 250,000 American lives and many more Japanese lives. How you die doesnt really matter.

    The Japanese did not agree to the surrender terms and would have taken anything less than unconditional surrender as a sign of weakness on our part. We would have been fighting them again in 10 years had we not done what we did. We used to have moral clarity in this country.

    John Locke said something to the effect that any man who attacks you to do bodily harm or to kill you is nothing but a beast and you may treat him as such and kill him without any ethical reservations. Now that is moral clarity.

  27. puzzling:

    “Instead, it took the Soviet declaration of war on Japan, several days after Hiroshima, to bring the capitulation.”

    that was from the article, the guy is contradicting himself. If Truman wanted to do it to show the Russians our power, he had already done it. Why did he need to do it again?

    You could also say the Russians got into it after the dropping of the bomb because the knew it would be a cake walk. I am also pretty sure they probably knew we were going to do it again.

  28. angrymanspeaks 1, September 29, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    >> Is it just me or does anyone else see a corelation between killing
    >> rape victims in Pakistan for losing their virginity and killing pregnant
    >> women in Texas (Perryland) who might want an abortion by taking
    >> away their health care?

    Actually, I found the parallel between the killing of innocent victims for the inconvenience of their continued existence in consequence of sexual acts to which they did not consent more compelling.

  29. I guess New weapons needed to be tested on human subjects. Typical governmental B.S. never tell the thruth “What’s that Japan? Huh? Hold on a minute Japan,,,,,,,,,,,,,(aside) Hey George, would you reach over and push that red button?…..Ok Japan go a head ………..You say you want to keep your empire?.Heh, heh, heh………

  30. HenMan

    you wrote
    The future relations of the U.S. and U.S.S.R. were not known at that time and were , of course, not a factor in Truman’s decision, which I will again state was the correct decision.

    i can’t point to any one thing in truman’s speeches or papers but i’ve always felt that given the way the soviets were consolidating in eastern europe that dropping atomic bombs in japan might send a message to stalin.

    i am in no way saying that was the only reason or even the main reason, given the japanese defense of okinawa an invasion of the home islands worried most if not all military commanders. (i bet there were one or two privates that weren’t looking forward to it either).

    either way hiroshima and nagasaki definitely got joe steel’s attention.

  31. Pete-

    Another factor I didn’t mention that may well have been in Truman’s mind was the reaction of the American people if they learned that we invaded Japan and lost 250,000 to 1,000,000 American servicemen’s lives while we had, but didn’t use 2 (or more) atomic bombs. Had that happened, Truman would certainly have been impeached and removed from office, if not lynched.

    I agree with you that Truman was very pleased to learn at the Potsdam Conference that the A-bomb test was successful and would give him a strong hand in future dealings with Stalin. No one knew at the time how short that advantage would be.

  32. HenMan and Pete,
    To add to the thought, Truman did not just make the right decision, but probably the ONLY decision possible.

    For the history revisionists, look at the link below. This is the enemy we were dealing with from 1941 to 1945. Ever talk to a Bataan or Nanking survivor? The Japanese war machine sacrificed any pretense of moral or ethical superiority well before 1945.

  33. Otteray Scribe:

    “The Japanese war machine sacrificed any pretense of moral or ethical superiority well before 1945.”

    You are right about that, they were terrible.

  34. Bumper sticker I saw on an old Vet’s car some years back when the revisionists were condemning the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

    If There Had Been No Pearl Harbor
    There Would Have Been No Hiroshima

  35. And Pearl Harbor was an unprovoked attack? The US should have expected such (and indeed knew such) after the US embargo on Japan was implemented.

    At least Pearl Harbor was a military target unlike the two civilian population centers chosen for annihilation by the United States.

  36. Pearl harbor was a sneak attack. Nanking had already been raped and horrible war crimes committed. But karma is something the Japanese should have understood when the crimes against humanity started in the late 1930s. They have yet to apologize for Nanking or Bataan, unless I missed something.

    I have no apology for either Hiroshima or Nagasaki. We had a taste of what a mainland invasion would entail on D-Day, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. That would have been piddling compared to an invasion of mainland Japan. The two bombs got it over with and the Emperor ordered surrender. The Japanese military tried and failed in a palace coup in an attempt to keep him from surrendering. The bombs, as horrible as they were, saved untold lives. I have no apology for doing what had to be done to effect a surrender.

    In case you missed it above or did not read, I suggest you read and reflect on the stories in the link below. It is long, so take your time. Let us know what you think about the way they conducted themselves from the time of Nanking in 1937 up to the last days of the war eight years later. Then tell me you would have wanted to drag the war out for maybe another year.

  37. Given that someone like Pat Toomey is in the senate and he wants to see doctors put in jail for performing abortions and the increasing restrictions put on abortion services as well as birth control counseling, access to SDI info, etc. seems like a lot of folks would not be unhappy if the Pakistani rules were put in place here.

    “Matthews: Would you outlaw abortion, would you put people in jail for performing…?

    Toomey: I think that Roe v Wade was wrongly defined, wrongly decided and I think states should be free to restrict abortion and I would support legislation in Pennsylvania that would ban abortion and I would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them if we were able to pass that law.

    Matthews: Would you put people in jail for perfoming abortions?

    Toomey: At some point doctors performing abortions, I think would be subject to that sort of penalty.”

  38. OS,

    No doubt it was worth it then… and of course keeping China safe from Japan’s empire allowed another billion to be served by communism (less 70 million or so Chinese along the way).

  39. China was our ally and the least of our concerns in 1945. The whole idea was to end the war and keep Joe Stalin from getting a chunk of Japan and all of Korea. It was in our interest that China and the Soviet Union had no real love for each other.

    Communist China was still in the future in August 1945.

  40. puzzling-

    You just make one stupid comment after another. Maybe you should read some history before you make these senseless comments.

    puzzling said, “And Pearl Harbor was an unprovoked attack? The U.S. should have expected such (and indeed knew such) after the U.S. embargo on Japan was implemented”

    Since when was it proper diplomacy to reply to an embargo with an attack on another country’s military base and an attempt to destroy it’s navy?

    puzzling said, “No doubt it was worth it then…and of course keeping China safe from Japan’s empire allowed another billion to be served by communism (less 70 million or so Chinese along the way).”

    Did you know in 1941 that China would become Communist in 1946? If you did, why didn’t you tell FDR?

    And finally, regarding your post of Sept.29, 2011 at 11:42pm that insinuates that I was warmongering on Afghanistan- apparently you weren’t around when I ripped both Bush and Obama for not pulling out of Afghanistan after Osama bin Laden escaped from Tora Bora in December, 2001. Not to mention also ripping Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, for lying us into Iraq and Obama for staying there.

    As for Japan in 1945, they deserved everything they got. There are wars that must be fought, and then there are wars that must be condemned and opposed-like Iraq. And Afghanistan after December, 2001.

  41. Otteray,

    I read a book about the rape of Nanking about fifteen years ago. There were times that I had to put the book down. The atrocities perpetrated upon the Chinese were horrible. It’s said that about 350,000 people were killed in a period of approximately two months.

  42. Elaine, I have seen some of the captured film of what went on. The worst one was the Japanese soldier who was having babies thrown into the air and catching them with his bayonet like spearing meat on a shish-kabob.

    There was a Bataan survivor who lived in the same town as my grandparents and I talked to him after the war. He was a shell of a man.

  43. “No doubt that a US government incinerating babies is morally superior to Japan bayoneting them.”


    This has not been a good week, a good month nor a good year for me. I am irritable and cranky, and have no patience or time for the willfully dense or obtuse.

    As I told someone else yesterday, I can explain it for you but I cannot understand it for you. Logical fallacies of the false equivalence and strawman type seem to be your forte. I am done with you.

  44. Well, you all sound so sophisticated and intelligent with your arguments for and against the different types of killing we experience all over the world. I have to chuckle at those who, when they have nothing better to say, dismiss people by telling them, “You just don’t get it so I have no more time for you.” Weak, controlling and Manipulative verbiage. How dare you look down on someone who simply does not agree with you so OBVIOUSLY they do not understand you. The issue ceases to exist and you’ve won, right? The issue is the lack of care or concern…lack of value on human life…not just the upset over everyone’s RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Of course we do not all have the right to choose whatever we want or there wouldn’t be any laws saying anything was wrong! We were given laws to rid us of the ignorance that didn’t even know right from wrong. Why is it wrong to kill innocent women, 5-yr old children and even animals in an abusive manner and it is just fine to kill a child that simply has not taken one breath outside it’s mother’s body? Why? Nevermind. You cannot answer it in a way that I will ever understand so I know you don’t have time for me. My apologies for bothering you.

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