13 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest”

  1. Give me a shout when they come up with a new version of the Erotobot…the last one refused to empty the ashtrays. Go figure.

  2. The mechanical dog is actually a robotic walking machine. They have already tried spiders. I can see many implications for bomb searches, searching in areas impossible for humans or wheels, and even for such uses as transportation or weapons. Recall the giant walkers in Star Wars? I especially liked the stability and self-righting features. A turtle it is not.

  3. If I was a small prey animal I wouldn’t have a chance. I went to the solution after waiting as long as it takes for one of my cats to pounce on my feet in a surprise attack as I walk by their hiding place. Oro Lee’s kitty would have had me for lunch. 🙂

  4. I played this game IRL last night for an hour and a half, so I just cheated and went to the answer. 😀

  5. Wow. Closest I came was to think it was peeking out that mass of foliage directly above it. No wonder mice get eaten.

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