Sundays and Sports with Julia Anna

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

So…I get this baby gift recently from one of my Grammy’s good friends. It’s a pink Red Sox hat. My mom—who happens to be a big fan of the Boston baseball team–loved it. She put it on me and made my grandma take a picture. Mom wanted me to wear it proudly every time she took me for a walk.

Little did my mom know when I got that gift that the Red Sox would collapse like a pup tent in a hurricane at the end of the regular baseball season. What a bunch of losers! From what I’ve overheard my parents talking about this week—the curse of the Bambino must have been reactivated! I wonder how long the curse will hang around this time???

Sports are life around my house. My parents are ardent fans of the New England Patriots too. (My dad also roots for the Giants. It’s a family thing passed down by his dad. Don’t tell anybody, okay?)

Well, this week, the Red Sox hat came off—and on went a Patriots’ onesie. Another photograph was taken.

I hope the Patriots don’t blow it today like they did last week when they played the Buffalo Bills. I hate it when my parents are disappointed by their favorite teams. They seem so forlorn.

I’m beginning to wonder what’s next for me wardrobe-wise. Bruins booties? A Celtics T-shirt? Oh no! Now it’s the “Kiss me I’m Irish” get-up!

I’d just like to wear some nice non-denominational apparel and footwear, Mom and Dad! Capiche?

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