How To Peel An Entire Head Of Garlic In 10 Seconds

As someone who loves garlic and uses massive amounts in most everything that I cook, I found this video intriguing.

I submitted this video to the Turley Blog Testing Center this morning. In front of my four children and wife, I proceeded to peel an entire head in 10 seconds. Only three cloves were still partially skinned and that may have been the result of imperfectly matched bowls.

Once again, while those other sites just dump news and discussion on you, the Turley blog actually improves your lives in meaningful ways. As much as I love Glenn Greenwald, Nat Hentoff, John Dean, and others, not one of them has shown me how to peel garlic in ten seconds . . .

18 thoughts on “How To Peel An Entire Head Of Garlic In 10 Seconds”

  1. U Are The Best!
    Love Ur Style, and the FAB TIP on Peeling Garlic in 10 Secs!
    Thank-U! I will pass U along to my friends!
    Happy Autumn!
    Love Light & Enthusiasm, what u catch a butterfly with …
    AnNETte xox

  2. As stupid as that was, it was one of the most useful things I’ve seen on the internet in a long time.

  3. Why go through that craziness when ou can buy McCormick sliced and minced garlic? Works for me.

  4. After you have the cloves ready, toss them with a little extra virgin olive oil in one of those bowls, then scatter them on an air-bake pan and slow roast them at 300 for 45 minutes or until tan. Cool, then freeze. You will always have roasted (not burnt) garlic on hand. Mmmmmmm good!

  5. Real cloves of garlic for cooking! What a novel approach. Garlic not in a jar powered and dried. Who’d a thunk it!

  6. Does it have to be those stainless steel bowls? Or do plastic or glass work?

  7. That John Dean must be slacking off. He showed me this trick years ago.

    Seriously a seriously handy tip, Prof. I’ll be giving it a shot tonight.

  8. AY, we both understand more than some others who have not walked in our shoes could understand. I don’t know if you recall, but I lost the younger of my two sons in 2007 and my 17 y/o grandson last March. It has not been a good few years at our house. I try to stay busy. No apologies necessary, my friend.

  9. Again, I apologize…

    I for some reason have been having feelings for my son….and this is whether I am at work or driving, when I am alone…I can occupy myself with other things…. I had gotten fairly good about blocking out feelings…

    Again, I apologize….

  10. It’s OK, AY, no need to apologize. I am still having a lot of adjustment myself and last night found myself going in the living room to tell her something.

    On the other hand, my daughter would probably consider that an offense worthy of murder, knowing that no jury with any women on it would convict her.

  11. OS,

    There was a time I would have tried that….and would have figured out a very good excuse to have done so…Since All Hollowed Eve is approaching…one needs to be prepared….What does your significant other think of the ideal….lol

  12. Just imagine how many garlic heads you could peel at one time if you put them in the clothes dryer and set if on “air-fluff.”

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