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  1. In tribute to Steve Jobs, workers at Chinese iPhone factory given one pee break today.

  2. This is the ad that aired (with Richard Dreyfus as the narrator). I prefer the the Job’s version, but for whatever reason, it apparently wasn’t used.

  3. he had me at hello
    me too. He ad a very sexy mind….

  4. Gene,

    You have to be kidding me right….These folks rally at the term “insane”….and then the hypocritical laymen (women) came to rest….

  5. A person with many minuses but with so many more pluses. If we can all find a little bit of that maniacal passion to produce excellence we would be so much better off. He is an example of what we still have in the USA. That is the opportunity for everyone to fail and thrive at whatever venture suits you. I don’t recall his company getting subsidies from Uncle Sam but I could be wrong. His getting a cash infusion from Microsoft served both firms well although Apple was on the ropes at the time. That’s called smart business. Let’s be happy that we lived through his time, we are better because of his efforts, and that we can improve ourselves by learning from his lessons. I look forward to seeing who proves themselves worthy of the next “Steve Award” for excellence in execution.

  6. “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” -Steve Jobs

  7. “The goal is not to live forever but to create something that will”. Steve Jobs.

    Isn’t Humankind all about that as an idea based way of life where communication, interaction with others is its cornerstone?

    Steve Jobs made that easier, cozier, friendlier and more personal with his great gadgets.

    The whole world is very iSad today because of this loss but at the same time it is time to celebrate the iFootprints he left behind for us.

  8. I did and I am wealthy. Sucks to wish in the market. I bought 100,000 shares of Chrysler at 2 dollars. I sold it a year later and then invested that in Apple. This was done all on a margin. I made even more money.

  9. Wish i had bought more of the stock along with the products. The world is grieving…

  10. I’ve never owned a Mac or an IPad, or IPod nor any Apple product I can think of, but one cannot be anything but profoundly awed by the innovations Steve Jobs was directly and indirectly been responsible for in the world. Not only Apple, but Pixar was among his accomplishments. He was also innovative regarding a more relaxed, creativity-friendly office environment—even while being a hard-driving sometimes insensitive task master. He will be missed in many circles. His is the kind of legacy that endures and deservedly so.

  11. I learned on a Mac … all one unit, tiny screen, flippin’ discs …

    Just knowing Steve Jobs was out there wielding his own creativity and inspiring others was a great comfort in this age of greedy, underachieving business men and women.

    It’s a common phrase but in Steve Jobs’ case very true … the world will miss him …

  12. Gotta love the fact that he sold his VW van to raise money to start Apple and got the idea for the name Apple after visiting a farm, which Woz later described as a commune. He also became a Buddhist and credited his use of LSD with being “one of the two or three most important things” he’d ever done in his life. I also like that his youngest daughter is named Eve and wonder if she was either named after or the inspiration behind the name used in Wall-E, which featured Mac sounds and design characteristics, likely an inside joke and tribute to Jobs who bought Pixar from George Lucas for $10 mil, later selling it to Disney for $760 billion in stock.

    I also love the story about him convincing the exec from Pepsi to join Apple as CEO by earnestly asking him if he “wanted to sell sugared water or change the world.” Quite a few great stories were left behind with Jobs passing.

  13. Not bad for a business started out in a garage….and IBM….missed them by that much….from what I recall IBM was seeking out Jobs to give him 50 or 100 k for his technology…he was out on a business opportunity….who knew what would have been if IBM had had made contact that day…..

    A mans fortune is more than his wealth…….AY….

    A good man has gone to his natural being….

  14. I left the PDs office a few years ago and started my own practice. At first I thought I couldn’t afford a Mac as a PC was less than half the cost. After the third breakdown in three months and a tech telling me Vista had trouble switching wireless networks (!) I took the plunge. Like Steve says, “It just works,” and still does, almost 4 years later! After considering replacing this ’08 MacBook I simply bought a new battery yesterday, secretly wanting to see the new iPods anyway and wondering why the staff seemed slightly preoccupied around 5 last night. This MacBook was the best business decision I’ve made so far, hands down. My daughter volunteered at a Goodwill last night and said a customer shouted the news about Jobs to the whole store, prompting sighs. No other CEOs have achieved that notoriety unless they became infamous, but Jobs did so in jeans, using language like, “isn’t this cool?,” or “one more thing.” His company allowed creativity to flourish and it’s no accident a lot of the Occupy Wall Street protesters sport Macs and iOS devices, prompting jeers from the elite, button downed banksters and their lapdog journalist friends. Maybe they can reenact Apple’s famous 1984 commercial? If so, Jobs deserves a lot of credit as although he dined with Obama (and gave him an iPad) he also revolutionized thinking different, which is what we seem to truly need.

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