Perry’s Campaign Move Pays Off

-Submitted by David Drumm (Nal), Guest Blogger

In a desperate attempt to distract the media away from the “Niggerhead” story, the Perry campaign used Rev. Robert Jeffress to claim that Mormonism is a cult. Jeffress, pastor of Dallas’ First Baptist Church, introduced Perry at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. Perry hasn’t been doing too well recently and his latest problem was the revelation that his family’s secluded West Texas hunting camp was known by the name painted on a flat rock near its gated entrance: Niggerhead.

Jeffress’s views on Mormonism are well-known to the Perry campaign. He has previously claimed that Mormonism is a cult and that “it is not Christianity, it is not a branch of Christianity.” Like a dog with a new toy, the media went chasing after this new story, forgetting all about the Niggerhead story. Perry just has to deny that he thinks Mormonism is a cult, and the media is left searching for a new toy.

Most evangelical Christians don’t consider Mormonism a Christian sect, so it doesn’t hurt Perry to remind those voters that he is a true Christian and his number one rival is not. If one believes that their faith is the one true faith, then different faiths are necessarily false and not to be tolerated.

I won’t be shedding any tears for Romney. You lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. You pander to bigots, don’t be surprised when they turn on you.

H/T: Blue Texan, Right Wing Watch, Washington Post, AlterNet, Politico.

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  1. Blouise,

    “On another thread gbk remarked on our addiction to war and until that addiction was handled, the atrocities would continue. I agree with that. This addiction to war is deep within our citizenry and I have no idea how to heal it. We are turning on our own … as all addicts eventually do.”

    Thank you for expanding on my thoughts in such a succinct manner; I also have no idea how confront this malaise.

  2. pete,

    Another Occupy Wall Street rally will be held at noon on Oct 12th in Cleveland … same location. Many are hoping the redstate dudes show up again! 🙂

  3. Pete, the narcs in the 60s and 70s “dressed to blend in with the crowd,” but they forgot to change out of their wingtips.

  4. “Question: if the fundamentalists found out that Jesus was jewish, would their heads explode?”

    Paraphrased question: if the conservatives found out that Jesus was a socialist, would their heads explode?

  5. “Here’s one thing I know for certain,” Obama said Thursday night. “The odds of me being re-elected are much higher than the odds of me being elected in the first place.”

    I’m not sure I’d agree.

  6. Bron,
    That was a very interesting reply. I don’t know what to say. Although the Presidents actions in the cases of the assasinated American citizens is reprehensible, and I can understand you being frightened by his actions, I don’t understand that translating to a fear of the Liberal position. I tend to fall pretty far left of center and Obama is scaring the hell out of me.
    I wonder though if that is so much a decision he made as much as a policy carried over from the last administration that he has been convinced to use by the establishment. Either way, he really screwed up in the eyes of many of his supporters. It isn’t pleasent to find that the man who promised change and integrity is either too Wishy-Washy to stand up for what he believes or a lyer who doesn’t believe what he says he does.
    That being said, I don’t get how you can be frightened by a political philosophy that seeks to protect our rights, take care of those who can’t help themselves and change the way we approach our foreign policy and foreign aid to eliminate our relationships with Dictators and Tyranical governments and seeks friendship with governments of like mind and philosophy. That seeks to send aid where it is needed to feed and teach people rather than support the military establishments of nations whose people are fat and happy (so to speak). If we are going to send troops over seas, it should be to force the delivery of aid to suffering people not to protect the oil interests of Big Oil. It should be to stop genocide instead of attacking the Presidents personal enemies i.e. G.W.B./Saddam. It should be to assist oppressed people who are seeking freedom not to force democracy on people who couldn’t care less about it i.e. Iraq/Afganistan. The Liberal Agenda is to give equal protection to all people and to act with dignity, compassion, and honesty.
    Of course I’m not naive enough to think that we will ever achieve a perfect government. People are just not capable of so much goodness I fear. but the goal is worthy.
    But more than that, I wonder how you can fear us but not fear a political philosophy that seeks to consolidate the wealth within a small group of people, keep the rest of the people living in poverty, use them as throw-away parts of the corporate machine, force them to adopt a fringe religion, take away the right of free speech, the right to the pursuit of happiness, and supports the use of fascist police tactics. That supports a guilty until proven innocent policy in our justice system (not that it isn’t full of that attitude now) and is controlled by a group of elitist billionaires who think they have a mandate from God to force everyone to live within their self-serving caste system.
    Is it possible that you don’t see the evil intent of these people? Can it be that they don’t know how evil and wrong they are? Do the rights and freedom of people really mean so little to you that you would support such an obviously and admittedly self-righteous and controling group of tyrants? I don’t get it.
    Would you really work to achieve the destruction of our democratic system? They do and are and will and have even stated that their goal is the overthrough og the administration through purposeful inaction and a policy of no co-operation with the administration even if it means the downfall of the nation.
    I, for one would rather die as a result of living with integrity; than live with the knowledge that my actions helped to increase and prolong the suffering of my countryman. i would rather die in the fight to maintain the rights of the people and the freedom of the people ne increase the freedom of the people than live as a slave of the Fundamentalist Theocracy that is being planned and instituted wherever they can find a vulnerable, gulible population that will fall for the propaganda of the Conservative Party

    So what was uttered by Patrick Henry needs to be said again and needs to be really understood by the Conservatives.
    The people are taking to the streets to challenge these Fascist attitudes and take back the country fromthose who are seeking it’s destruction. They are saying to the money and power structure that they won’t tolerate the loss of their rights or the control of their lives by any political party. they are in effect saying:
    Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
    So what do you think? Still scared? Still by us?
    Then let me just say: “Beware the Dark Side Luke.”


    lottakatz1, October 9, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    Is it not a good thing when radicals on the right are fighting among themselves? I’d rather have them fragmented that unified.

    You would think so wouldn’t you? But suppose that they really arn’t fragmented. They are crafty workers of their dark magic and it could all be a ploy to distract us from the real plan. For instance, this guy ron Paul really scares me. He seems so gentle and caring and fairly moderate as tea Partiers go. But he is the philosophical Guru of the Tea Party and i suspect they were hoping people would buy the decent doctor and man of integrity facade only to reveal a Dark Emperor beneath. You can’t take anything the Tea Party does at face value. We are not even dealing with the old Republican party today. This is a new party, controlled by new and very evil people who have already demonstrated their disdain for America and her people and who will do anything, lie, cheat, steal, committ treason, perhaps even kill to achieve the power and money they desire. “Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing” or the wolf who looks confused and at odds.

  7. pete,

    A pimp like O’Keefe wearing a piece sign? No need to apologize for humor like that, pete. Inadvertent or not. 😀

  8. pete,

    Did you notice that the redstate guys ate the young people’s food and then wrote their snark piece. Typical teabaggering republicans … take, take, take and laugh at the ones you take from. Dress up to fit in my eyebrow … those dudes couldn’t help but brag about their disguises … evil always has to brag which is how, no matter how well disguised, they reveal their true character.

  9. The bitterly vitriolic divide between Republican and Democratic Congressional Representatives is at an all time high. Perhaps, this is partly due to perception, but I have been following national politics since Watergate, and I cannot remember a more polarizing atmosphere than the one enveloping contemporary politics. Whether we are at a maximum or not can be debated, but the fact that we have dysfunctional gridlock is apparent.

    I believe there are specific institutionalized ingredients that contribute to disruptive politics. These divisive institutions have not suddenly appeared, but they have matured towards greater conflict and have conspired in synergistic discordance. Continue reading →

  10. Blouise

    my favorite part of the redstate piece was “We dressed to blend in with the crowd so we could fully embrace the experience.”

    i had a picture in my mind of james o’keefe dressed in his pimp suit with some piece signs trying to “blend in”.

  11. AY,

    You better agree with me in principle or else I’ll send the bobcats out to practice on you … the love all things that taste like Texas.

  12. angryman:

    “You’re right. I’m sacared. I think alot of Liberals are. They see the danger that the Republican/tea Party represents and they feel abandoned by their president.
    I agree we need action now but most important is to keep the republicans from forwarding their agenda. I truly believe we are in a 1933 moment. The danger is real. Our Hitler mat be closer to power than we think.

    Over reacting? Perhaps. I doubt it but perhaps. Better that than under reacting and finding ourselves goose stepping through the Mall”

    yep and we on the right think exactly the same thing about the left.

    we are being played for suckers.

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