Ending Molasses Mayhem: Leahy Moves To Make False Labeling of Maple Syrup A Crime

We may be watching civil liberties and federal programs fall like leaves in Montpelier, but Senator Patrick Leahy (D, Vt.) is moving aggressively to address the need for yet another federal crime . . . the crime mislabeling products as containing maple syrup. That’s right, despite criticism of the over-criminalization of America (here and here and here), we need to add a federal law on maple syrup mobsters.

Let me be clear: this is, and always has been, a pro-maple syrup blog. However, the question is why a special crime is necessary on the federal level. This is a response to the discovery of a single man selling fake Vermont “maple” syrup that did not in fact contain maple syrup. Sounds like simple fraud to me but the crime appears to have been so shocking to Vermonters that we have to distinguish this fraud from other forms of fraud.

In addition, while slashing environmental, education, and science budgets, Congress just approved a $70,000 federal grant to help market Vermont maple syrup.

Of course, it is reassuring that, while we do not prosecute people for torture and alleged war crimes, we will be pursuing anyone who lies about the maple content of their syrup. I wonder if Dick Cheney or Alberto Gonzales have produced any homemade syrup products.

Source: CBS

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  1. Blouise,

    I am not surprised that you agree….You are capable of stating your honest opinions without personal attacks and so am I……..I only know one truth and that is what I believe….and what I believe is based upon the information I had yesterday….as today can be a new day…..based upon new information…which can either alter my view today or reaffirms my beliefs….that I had yesterday….lol

  2. AY,

    “Politically Double speak took new importance when Ronnie took office…..I think Geo the First was a little too honest for that …”

    It may surprise you but I completely agree with that. Carter and Bush One had that in common … look what happened to them.

  3. SwM,

    We have a strong maple syrup industry here in Ohio so I buy ours. Perhaps I’m just jealous that we don’t get a Federal law too.

  4. Blouise,

    Politically Double speak took new importance when Ronnie took office…..I think Geo the First was a little too honest for that…I may be wrong…But Clinton knew this and capitalized on that….Politically that is….Tells you one thing and does another without any real regret…wait…..that is a psychopath….Sorry….Maybe not much difference….again…

  5. AY,

    I always laugh when the teabagging republicans talk about the evil unions with their seniority. Here in Ohio the fight over seniority is ramping up as the teabaggers try to convince everyone that teachers and public workers should not have the right to seniority that is in their union contracts. But try to take seniority away from lawmakers. … the screams of outrage echo throughout all chambers.

    Total hypocrisy.

  6. Don’t think those small family operations that produce pure maple syrup are the elites.

  7. I read an interesting article on the US ceasing to have any rule of law but instead has “rule by law”. Greenwald writes about this as well when he speaks of the elites who simultaneously use the law as a weapon against the people while completely exempting themselves from the rule of law.

    While I understand and agree with Bob’s point that this is an important industry in Vermont that deserves protection, JT mentioned a way to protect people from having sugar water foisted on them as “pure maple syrup”–prosecution for fraud.

    It is interesting to look at the contrast between how quickly the president, Congress and the courts move on some things and how they ignore other, truly vital parts of our law which effect the elites.

    It’s also strange Blouise, to believe that only Republicans “love overkill”. We just had a Democratic president kill an American citizen on his say so. That seems literally like (over) kill to me.

  8. Hope you feel better soon, Bob. Have a little pure organic Grade A or B amber maple syrup.

  9. Bob,

    You are to follow every single order the doctor has given you. If you do not, I will personally lease a rail-car; go to Wisconsin and get HenMan and his bobcats and the shamus with his rattlesnakes.

    We will come to your house and work magic … not the nice kind of magic ….

  10. Blouise,

    That is so true….Funny thing about Unions though….You can advance through the ranks….and get set in a powerful position….wait….Not much difference between the two if you think of the way they are structured….

  11. Bob,

    You have been missed…I was thinking of you this last week…..As they say….and I have to remember it as well….Slow and Steady win the race….I hope you get to feeling better…Hope to see you around….

  12. Considering Leahy was the first and remains the only Democrat elected to the Senate from Vermont and the first non-Republican since 1856, he’s gotta bring home the bacon.

    Of course he’s the second highest in seniority (funny thing about seniority … the republicans don’t like it in Unions but love it in the Senate and House) so Vermont isn’t about to give up that kind of power in their Senator but he does have to show them he can take care of them … so why not a totally unnecessary Federal Law applying only to Vermont Maple Syrup? I mean, come on, he’s representing republicans and they love overkill.


  13. AY,

    Thanks. Just spent the last two weeks in the hospital; pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Trying to incorporate and adapt to a lot of new life changing routines at the moment. Baby steps…

  14. I live in Texas, and I pay a lot for the pure maple syrup from Vermont. It is an important industry there.

  15. There is a Difference….Killington is nice….

    Bob. Esq., Good to see you…How are things going….

  16. I’m not so sure this falls into the ‘Bizarre’ category.

    I think the legitimate interest here is protecting state income from tourists.

    What do most tourists expect in a trip to Vermont?

    Peak autumn foliage; skiing; antiques; cheddar cheese

    and genuine Vermont maple syrup.

  17. Maybe this is a creation of jobs idea, hire folks to police the maple syrup sellers and counterfeiters.

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