Sacramento Police Search For Men Who Beat Disabled Woman on Video

Police are searching for two men shown below after a shocking video was posted on the Internet showing an attack on a woman at a strip mall in Sacramento. The attackers wanted to show others how they attacked this woman — listing the credit first as “Dylan G The Kid” and later as “Rhekidd.” Here is the video.

The first dreadlocked young man is shown in a New York Yankees cap and, after shadowing the woman and laughing at her, punches her in the face to the obvious glee of the cameraman. When she runs after the man, she mistakes the second stockier man who was also laughing as her attacker and asks, “Why you slapping me?” He then knocks her to the pavement.

These men succeeded in creating a compelling case for maximum sentencing. They are clearly dangers to society and divorced from values of decency or humanity. That is what makes them so dangerous. If they will taunt and beat a disabled woman for fun, there appears little that they are not capable of doing. Notably, when a shop owner called police, the suspects ran across the street to an apartment complex. There is always a good chance that such felons are local and the detectives are likely to start across the street.

This is one sentencing hearing where there would be virtually nothing for the defense counsel to do. The video will come in as evidence and there will be little left to do but record the sentence.

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  1. Well, I’ll say it and this is coming from a black man…. These fools are stupid niggers.

  2. Is this not why ghod gave us trees and rope? Srsly, what do you do with youthful sociopaths? Prison will only teach them how not to get caught.

    Maybe I’m just feeling pesky because I secured the last few books in the ‘Burke’ series and spent the last 10 days reading the entire series over. 🙂

  3. correction: You were right. She said “Why you slapping me?” Not “laughing at me”. My apologizes.

  4. Note: You should fix the article. The woman did not appear to confuse the other man as the one who hit her. She asked the other guy why he was laughing at her. If you want to report things correctly, fix that.

  5. “These men succeeded in creating a compelling case for maximum sentencing the return of the stocks to the public square.”


    I made a little amendment, JT, to make the sentence more to my liking. Please excuse the edit.

  6. This is sad….sad…sad…There is not much to say…What defenses are available….Insanity comes to mind…but then again…some folks are so dysfunctional that that may not even be a defense….

  7. -10 on the empathy scale.

    I want to see a video nationally broadcast of these guys confronted with the video of what they did and publicly having to explain to the woman why they did what they did.

  8. Posted on the internet … evil loves to brag.

    When I say that … which I say often, note that I do not say evil people … evil people, those totally consumed by evil, are rare … people doing evil are far more common and when they do evil, they brag about it.

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