Random Task: Austin Powers Actor Charged With Murder of Cellmate

. Joseph Sun, the actor who played Random Task in the first Austin Powers film, Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery, has outdone himself. Serving for life for one felony count of torture, Sun is now accused of murdering his prison cellmate, a sex offender at the Wasco State Prison.

The Korean-born actor was arrested three years ago in the rape and torture of a woman in Huntington Beach, California on Christmas Eve in 1990. Son and co-defendant Santiago Lopez Gaitan, 40, abducted the 19-year-old victim while she was walking her dog on Christmas Eve. They drove her to Huntington Beach and repeatedly raped and sodomized her in the back of the car while threatening to shoot her and pistol-whipping her. Son was described by the prosecutor as a “sadist” and the victim testified that he told her “It’s Christmas. This is your lucky day.”

Son was only connected to the crime after pleading guilty to felony vandalism in 2008 and then violated probation — requiring a DNA sample.

Son is described as “mixed martial arts fighter”.
Source: Daily Mail

28 thoughts on “Random Task: Austin Powers Actor Charged With Murder of Cellmate

  1. His mixed marital arts career was brief and hilarious. In UFC 4, after entering the ring carrying a full size cross on his back, he was taken down and punched full on in the groin about a million times. You can hear the crowd going, “OHHHH,” after each punch. Groin shots were legal back in UFC’s early days.

  2. I am at a loss of words for this soul. Is it possible to get the death penalty for killing a sex offender? Would he be entitled to a Jury of His Peers?

  3. Bette Noir,

    Please re-read what I said…. I asked if it was possible to get the death penalty for killing a sex offender….if I recall…why this one is serving life….he too was a sex offender….then…the subtle gesture…would he be entitled to a jury of his peers….Other words…inmates or other sex offenders…..

  4. “I’m no lawyer, but I don’t believe “He had it coming” is a valid defense in murder cases”

    But if you can pick the right jury . . .

  5. In re to the “He had it coming defense,” the saying in the south is “He needed killing.” I do not subscribe.

  6. “I’m no lawyer, but I don’t believe ‘He had it coming’ is a valid defense in murder cases.”

    Doesn’t Texas have the “He needed killing, your Honor” defense?

  7. This case has kind of ruined movie and TV watching for me. I used to look at a TV or movie villain and instead of being really scared, I could comfort myself by saying, “Oh, well, he’s probably a really nice guy in real life.” (Sigh)

  8. It’s weird because after all this happened he got the role so we were all looking at a guilty man like it was nothing but im sure the girl saw austin powers so she obviously didnt say much about… so its wtf i believe he needs to pay and he did the crime so hes doing the correct time but the girl could easily went to authorities wen she saw him in the movie cuz if she could point him out now after 21 years of aging uuum… why couldnt she point him out 7 years after the shit happened…

  9. And, Markyyscreams, the victim was stripped naked and blind-folded with her own pants. She never saw the attackers. She was not the one who came forward at all; he was tied to the crime because his DNA matched.

  10. I’m glad that fat pussy got locked up ;0/ to rape & beat a child then get a role in a movie that alot of others & myself made famous is a insult I’m pissed that they didn’t catch him earlier they shoulda sent in 48 wolf dogs in to drag his demon ass off the set he should have to sit in the hole for life & only eat once a week

  11. At least he likes women, I guess. Well, it’s hairy balls for him for life, that chud choking ball loving, dong smacking, what was I saying again. Ohhh, what a dong smoucher.

  12. Markyyscreams…..

    The offender gained 80 pounds during his 7 years and was in costume in the movie – ie facial hair and heavy make up. I have talked to the victim in regards to this and there was no way to identify. Considering how many asian people live in Orange County, CA it made the % of getting it right impossible.

  13. Random Task is the real deal, free the Task, free the Task they are making a new AP movie that he needs to be in.

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