Tommy or Tammy? California Parents Give Son Hormone Treatment To Delay Puberty To Allow Him To Explore a Female Identity

A lesbian couple in California has triggered a controversy by giving their son hormone blockers to delay his puberty so that he can decided whether to be a girl or a boy. The 11-year-old boy named Tommy could decide to be a Tammy now that he is approaching puberty, but many are questioning the basis for such treatment or the ability of a minor to make such a decision. I am one of them.

We have seen prior stories of parents engaging in what seems questionably gender experimental approaches with their children. In this case, the mothers insisted that at age three Tommy seemed unsure whether he wanted to be a boy or a girl — so they started him on hormone treatments.

The Hormone Blocking Therapy delays puberty and is advocated by experts like Joel Baum, director of education and training for Gender Spectrum, a California-based non-profit group, who says “this is about giving kids and their families the opportunity to make the right decision.”

Yet, r. Paul McHugh, professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University has denounced this as nothing short of child abuse “ike performing liposuction on an anorexic child.” Others have objected that the treatment could retard growth and have negative physical consequences.

Tommy’s parents, Moreno and Lobel, say that they will now call their son Tammy after he elected at age 11 to start the therapy by taking GnRH inhibitors over the summer to give him more time to explore the female gender identity. They insist that one of the first things he said when learning sign language (due to a speech impediment) was “I am a girl.”

He is eleven. I find the idea of inhibiting growth based on the wishes of an eleven year old to be highly disturbing. Indeed, I fail to see how any doctor could proscribe such a treatment if a prescription is indeed required (as it should be).

Source: Herald Sun

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  1. This is sick and disgusting.. The child should get the chance to evolve naturally not based off feeding him all that trash. Im pretty sure he didn’t know nothing about hormone enhancers or whatever the heck they gave him its obviously the parents choice to have him get started on that.. And whoever said single moms have trouble raising kids dont know what they’re talking about.. I know a few single moms and dads giving their child the best of them without major or any struggle.

  2. I applaud these parents because I am a patient with gender identity disorder and I must say it is extremely hard going through life feeling trapped. At a very young age I did know that I wanted to be a boy , but growing up in a traditional stereotypic family (meaning boys will do boy things , girls will do girl things, clothing, etc.) it was hard. I became so depressed growing up because when going through life you began to start finding yourself , and that’s what I began doing. I’m now 15 I’m on Zoloft 25mg & I do therapy , I’m also homosexual but that has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with (GID) , just so you don’t get that confused. Most patients and their parents , do engage in hormonal treatment just because they want themselves & their kids to be what MOST humans fear the most , THEMSELVES. I want to stop pretending to be someone else & miserable but happy & who I am truly. You have to take risk , that’s what’s life is all about & if it has to do with finding happiness , then go for it I fully support you. Some consequences might be life threatening others minor but how will you ever know if you never take the risk… Just saying. I thought bloggers would’ve a better understanding of why these parents/child made these decisions coming from someone who’s experiencing it now.

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  4. i agree with everyone but i do think teens should be allowed hormones if they want them. im a 14 yr old but i wont be able to become who i am untill im 18.

  5. I am a girl dating a girl and our son would never be put through something like that. This couple makes it hard for gay couples to be about to be parents because they do dumb stuff like that to harm their child. I feel sorry for that child and they didnt deserve anything like that. His moms need to be in Jail.

  6. I live with someone who was born gender neutral. The doctors and her parents decided to proceed with surgery that would assign the sex. It has not been a major issue for her but it has for her sister, also born with the same condition. This is the result of a congenital disorder and infants and their parents still face these issues. The consensus of the medical community has been to go in and assign the sex to make things “easy” for the child growing up. What if these decisions are wrong? Is that child abuse and should the doctors be thrown in jail as has been suggested by some here? For my partner’s sister, she believes the decisions made were wrong and she is truly male. She endured numerous surgeries before puberty to address her genital issues and has had to live with the consequences of decisions made by others. Her parents made the best decision they could with the advice of their doctors in the early 60’s. It was not child abuse, nor done with malicious intent nor an agenda but she lives with the consequences, which basically includes a cliterectomy. Could she have made a fully informed decision at age 11? Probably not, but given her life experiences she probably would have advocated strongly against the chosen path.
    I do not know the circumstances of this case beyond what has been stated here. It does seem like a drastic step to take but decisions like this are made frequently with infants and not much press is given to the consequences or thought of accusing the parents and medical personnel of criminal offenses or lack of parenting skills. The two mothers may be horrible parents or they may doing the best they can for their child. Just because you or I have always known we were male or female does not mean that is true for others. Just because children change their minds about what they want to be or who they think they are does not mean that they are not aware of things about themselves at an early age. They may not be able to articulate their thoughts and feelings very well and they may not have thought out the consequences of their immature desires but that does not mean they should be discounted in having a voice.
    Hormone suppression may have drastic consequences that are unknown and detrimental in the long run, but surgeries performed on infants like my partner and her sister also have long lasting consequences and are made without much outcry. It just seems as though there are a lot of knee jerk reactions to this particular case without much facts or direct knowledge of these issues. A lot of these decisions are made based on what will be easy for the parents in the short term and what is believed to be best for the child in the long run. No one wants to face the question of “did you have a boy or a girl?” and not be able to answer. It is embarrassing and creates a lot of tension for the parents and the child growing up, but making decisions and assigning sex to child may not be the right choice in the long term. I don’t pretend to have the answers and I realize that this child was born male and not gender neutral but just because there is a definite sex does not mean that the person feels right in their own body.

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  8. Ben1, October 19, 2011 at 2:31 am

    “Once we have control of the genome there is no gauging what will become the ‘norm’ for what we mean by human physiology.”

    It will give more likelihood to the expression
    “Go fuck yourself.”
    DAMN YOU!!!!!!there’s coffee all over the place…………………………………..

  9. I do think that the parents of Tammy are facing a difficult decision. To give the hormones or not is a question they must wrangle with daily. They have to worry about the drawbacks and dangers of giving the drugs to a child, I wouldn’t want to second guess their decisions without more information. There are times when the benefit of giving certain dangerous medications outweigh the possible dangers.
    The child may have a difficult life but at least she has parents that are trying to do what they think best for her. And that will probably make the difficulties she faces in her life a little easier to live with.

  10. We’re on that slippery continuum of parental control versus state intervention in child rearing. This seems like a case at the extreme end where state supervision might be warranted, but I would need a lot more facts before saying for sure.

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  12. “Once we have control of the genome there is no gauging what will become the ‘norm’ for what we mean by human physiology.”

    It will give more likelihood to the expression
    “Go fuck yourself.”

  13. Jurisdiction,

    You’re right I can’t think of much to justify hormone therapy either, but I know about the problems of TG people both through work and study. While there appears to be parental misguidance from the facts given, there exists the possibility (perhaps slim) that their might be justification for their action so I’d like to know more before casting aspersions My jury reference was to the amount of cases wrongfully decided via pre-trial publicity.

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