Happy Birthday LkCa 15 B

What do you get a new gas protoplanet just forming 450 Light Years ago. A Buzz Light Year nightlight? That is no doubt one of the pressing questions for a University of Hawaii astronomer who used the twin 10-metre Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea to capture the first direct image of a planet forming around a star. Much like human babies, it proved a bit gassy.

LkCa 15 b is still forming into what will become a Jupiter-like gas giant. (It is not clear if it will have its father’s Great Red Spot). Scientists, by cancelling out light from the star, were able to see dust and material falling into the planet as it is building itself into a planet. This used a technique called “Interferometry” to filter out the light that usually obscures such views.

Of course, the artist rendering is a bit more useful to laypersons than the actual images below.

Well, it is still a good reason to celebrate. Happy Birthday Likey (my pet name for the bouncing newborn).

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. AY,

    Yeah, yeah … exalted is what I said and no … I’m a true Scorpio with no desire to change my sign and in no danger of having anyone change it for me (snooty scientists) to of all things, a Libra … those dudes are so busy weighing all the consequences that they never make a decision.

    Now OS as a Gemini is a whole other kettle of fish. They are great communicators and … notorious flirts! I like Geminis …

  2. Ah Blouise,

    But if you are a true scorpion it is your duty to rise to the exulted position of the Phoenix…The highest Water Sign….and also a Fixed Signed: Scorpio:- autumn in northern hemisphere and spring in southern hemisphere.

    Then again….If you don’t like your present sign….maybe you can qualify for a new one…..

    New astrological dates — what’s your (new) sign?

    The old time from for Scorpio: Oct. 23-Nov. 21 Your previous qualities: determination, passion and motivation But you might be labeled a Libra: which runs from Oct. 30-Nov. 23 and your new qualities: desire for fairness, peace and harmony…..

    This you’ll have to figure out for where in you


    Here is another link which hopefully makes more sense….


  3. AY,

    But that’s the whole point of my sorrow. Pluto was such a fine major planet … then all those snooty, learned, scientists made it lesser leaving we Scorpios to once again sharing our exalted selves with lesser Aries through the rulership of Mars. It’s a step backwards and as embarrassing as all Hades … I mean, Aries are such babies and so straight-forward and overtly war-like whereas we Scorpios are such subtle and bewitching beings …

  4. OS,

    If you’ve been in the criminal arena ever you know there are sick folks…and this is one sick puppy…

  5. AY, over the years I have met many purveyors of Brown 25, many of them at the courthouse.

  6. If it is 450 light years away, that means the light must travel 450 years to reach us.

    It headed our way about 1561 …

  7. OS,

    I am sure one of the people that you’ve been in contact with over the years had to make this knowledge to you……



  8. That is ok Blouise…we have not really lost Pluto…..it is just a lesser planet….but we still have a few with big Uranus…

  9. We know the light takes four years to reach us. That is but a fractional eyeblink in geological time, so the condition of protoplanet LkCa 15b is unlikely to be much different if we were able to see it now, as we are seeing how it was 450 years ago as the light reaches us.

    It is likely to remain in something like its present state another few hundred million years, so we do not have to worry much about our birthday card being belated.

  10. Fascinating but I’m still upset about losing Pluto … I don’t like having to share Mars with an Aries.

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