Renaissance Man and County Inmate: Father Arrested After Forcing Daughter Into Armored Battle

Freemon Everett Seay, 38, like to punish his child the old-fashioned way . . . around the 15th Century old-fashioned. After Seay’s daughter ran away, he donned armor from the Renaissance period and forced her to do the same. He then forced her into a battle for hours until she was covered in bruises and could barely stand. Vanquished, he let his foe leave the field of battle and she promptly recorded evidence of the alleged abuse for that band of not-so-merry men in the Yelm police department.

The battle involved wooden swords but it was apparently enough to leave bruises that the girl recorded with her phone and sent it to friends, who notified police. The battle occurred between 2 am and 4 am.

Both Seay and his wife were arrested. Julie Seay, the child’s stepmother, was reportedly aware of what was happening and took no steps to stop it. The father was charged with second-degree assault.

Of course, this is nothing a good longbow cannot stop. At least that is what they found at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415.

Source: CBS

11 thoughts on “Renaissance Man and County Inmate: Father Arrested After Forcing Daughter Into Armored Battle”

  1. SO SAYS THE QUEEN: Subject Seay, VILLAGE IDIOT OF of DumbF*ckdom, YOU ARE HEREBY sentenced to eternal damnation. Your cell mate shall be “Vlad the Impaler”… therefore, YOUR eternity shall be brief..Shish Kabob anyone?

  2. Dear Mr. Seay,

    Two words.

    Abusive jackass.

    Yours truly,

    Gene H.

    P.S. Pick on somebody your own size next time. I’m sure I can only find about 1,000 volunteers for someone who chooses to beat on little girls, including some masters at kendo, Mr. Faux-Macho. Wooden or bamboo training weapons are still weapons.

  3. It takes all kinds, but there are some kinds we could do without. And kudos for the daughter, she has my full support. Hardly her fault her parents are not all there.

  4. Sounds as if the fellow needs a couple of days in the stocks–with some honey spread in his hair.

  5. This abuse came after he sat on her & beat her back & legs with a stick. Mom stood by & helped I guess. This for the unforgivable crime of going to a concert he had told her she couldn’t go to.

    He is a sick & twisted bastard.

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