French “Terrorists” Break Into Texas Court, Wear Sombreros, and Play With Gavel

French terrorists have landed . . . in San Antonio, Texas. That is apparently the concern of local police after arresting French teenagers who broke into a courthouse, put on a judge’s robe, played with a gavel, and ran around the hallways wearing sombreros and drinking beer. The FBI and Homeland Security have been called in to determine whether this could be an act of terrorism.

This Cassoulet of Crime is composed of French Moroccans who arrived in the ultimate Texas trojan horse . . . a RV (which Fox will no doubt refer to as the Mujahideen motor home). When Texans slept, they crept out of the RV and revealed themselves . . . after cruising the bar scene.

To help cover their insidious plan to wear our sombreros and undermine our court system, the men partied at local bars before climbing a fire escape and entering the fourth-floor of the courthouse at 1:30 am. They then put the Al Qaeda training to the terrifying use — walking around in sombreros and play acting as judges. At this point, the scene was described by an experienced decorated special forces officer:

The possible terrorists are identified as Adil Ajjaid, 27; Camille Huet, 25; Hicham Ajjaid, 25; Mehdi Ajjaid, 21; and Meissa Mithra, 24.
Authorities said they were cooperating . . . making them even more suspect of being terrorists.

County Judge Nelson Wolff is quoted as in disbelief that these possible terrorists could just show up from France and give a Quiche of death to the court system in Bexar County: “All the enhanced security measures that we have taken since 9/11, which has been extraordinary, and you couldn’t have had a better result than what you saw last night.”

UPDATE: This just out. Texas and federal authorities believe that the attack on the Bexar courthouse may not have been a terrorist attack after all, though many remain skeptical. One of the first goals of terrorists is to intimidate local police. I will remain in the basement with the children until everyone has been waterboarded and kept in stress positions for at least 48 hours.

Here is the cell members in case you see a suspicious RV in your neighborhood driven by Sombrero wearing, baguette eating Frenchmen:

Source: CNN

13 thoughts on “French “Terrorists” Break Into Texas Court, Wear Sombreros, and Play With Gavel”

  1. For some time now brave members of the RNC have tried to warn us that Al Katie sneaky types are infiltrating our Southern flanks disguised as Mexykens. Here is all the proof we need!!1!

  2. Well at least they cannot be called Muslim terrorists since they had been drinking a lot. Sounds like they were in the wrong city though. I could understand if it were Austin and they would have been taken back to their frat house.

    All courhouses better be on the lookout now since it is Oktoberfest in that part of Texas. Also the judges had better look under their benches for late night partiers who may have passed out there.

  3. I think that this will probably mess up the rest of the vacationers plans…

  4. That’s the sort of thing that earned a couple of months in the minimum-security juvenile lockup where I used to be cook. The lockup’s nickname among the staff was “The Ranch.” The kids called it “Snoopy Camp.”

  5. A government report indicated that federal officials went to several federal buildings around the nation, easily sneaking bomb making material into those buildings past all security, and then constructing bombs after entry.

    These stoned kids confirm those reports. Good thing the boogie man isn’t as real as had been hoped by Fatherland Homeland Insecurity, Inc.

  6. hmmmm…five names but only four terrorists…OMG one of them has escaped!!!11. Everyone that is NOT a terrorist stay inside and hide in your bathtub. Get Dick Cheney we’ll have to do some freedom gargling with these Mujahamis.

  7. OT: It’s being reported that Moammar Gadhafi is dead from gun shot wounds … not confirmed yet by U.S.

    (source is NY Times)

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