The Next Bella Abzug…Maybe?

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

My granddaughter Julia Anna already hit the “two-months-old” mark a couple of weeks ago.

Being a very involved grandmother, I spend a lot of time with Julia–feeding her….singing to her…talking to her…changing her. I’ve also been spending hefty sums of money buying books that I plan to read to her. I’ve recently begun to wonder what the future will hold in store for my first grandchild. (I do hope she’ll be a reader and have a great sense of humor–two things that I think are very important.)

I also hope that Julia will grow up to be a woman who has a mind of her own.

Seeing as she has already begun collecting a wide variety of hats…

I was wondering if she might follow in the footsteps of the late Bella Abzug.

30 thoughts on “The Next Bella Abzug…Maybe?”

  1. HenMan,

    How awful for you … gone are all those memorable action shots.

    Sadly, my camels only do porn photo shoots so I can’t share any of their portfolios with a family friendly blog.

    Last I heard you were off to the dentist then poof … you disappeared … naturally i was worried that your dentist’s name was Dexter.

  2. (Uh oh! I’m being called out to produce photos of the bobcats. What do I do now? Hmmmm. The big lie always works. Yah, that’s it. I’ll lie about it.)

    Blouise and anon nurse-

    I’m really, really sorry- the bobcats just ate my photo album.

  3. “HenMan could submit pics of the bobcats … I’d love to see those bad boys 😉 ” -Blouise

    smiling… (me, not the bobcats…)

  4. Elaine, your contribution to the gene pool is outstanding. She is beautiful. Proud grandma, you bet and with good reason.

  5. Mike Spindell,

    Love to see it.

    Be nice if one of our guest bloggers did a picture only thread. Set up an email and ask for pic of grandkids or kids or pets to be sent and a couple of weeks later do the thread.

    HenMan could submit pics of the bobcats … I’d love to see those bad boys 😉

  6. Elaiine and Blouise,
    Quite beautiful! Next week I’ll post a phot album of mine.

  7. Ain’t this terrible for a Jewish mother (of grandmother age) to say in print: I hope my kid doesn’t have children. I believe he will not, by the way, because he was subjected to the court system throughout his childhood and he knows it, and although he has MOSTLY recovered from the damage done, he is aware of it, appalled by it, and intelligently aversive to the possibility that more of that kind of atrocity could occur in his life, IF HE HAS CHILDREN.

    Ain’t this an awful reason to have for such a weird attitude: The courts can act “in parens patriae.” They are NO DAMN GOOD. It is dangerous to have kids. I hope everyone I am saying this to has not seen this play out in their own lives and never will.

    Be blessed.

    Beautiful child, congratulations.

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