The Next Bella Abzug…Maybe?

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

My granddaughter Julia Anna already hit the “two-months-old” mark a couple of weeks ago.

Being a very involved grandmother, I spend a lot of time with Julia–feeding her….singing to her…talking to her…changing her. I’ve also been spending hefty sums of money buying books that I plan to read to her. I’ve recently begun to wonder what the future will hold in store for my first grandchild. (I do hope she’ll be a reader and have a great sense of humor–two things that I think are very important.)

I also hope that Julia will grow up to be a woman who has a mind of her own.

Seeing as she has already begun collecting a wide variety of hats…

I was wondering if she might follow in the footsteps of the late Bella Abzug.

30 thoughts on “The Next Bella Abzug…Maybe?”

  1. Elaine , All the pics are beautiful, but I love the one with strawberry hat. She looks as if she knows a secret about the photographer but not to worry she will never tell.

  2. My favorite of Elaine’s pictures is the one featuring the pink bucket hat. Cute!

  3. I have a friend that is seventy one and is having her first grandchild so there is hope for me. Seriously, what a beautiful granddaughter, Elaine! I saw your granddaughter’s picture from my phone, too, Blouise. She is gorgeous. I am still busy educating my twenty three year old daughter so no children for her for awhile. My son is 27 and not in a hurry to get married so I just have the granddogs. We have to keep working toward the goal of equality while keeping the negativity at bay.

  4. angryman,

    “I hope we can save this country so she can grow up someplace beautiful where freedom is real.”

    I do too–and a place where women will be respected as equals.

  5. Elaine,
    I remember Bella Abzug and this little girl is much prettier than she ever was. Just my opinion you know.
    I hope we can save this country so she can grow up someplace beautiful where freedom is real.

  6. Blouise and anon nurse,

    You’re right. We keep on keepin’ on in hopes that the future will be better for our children and grandchildren.

  7. anon nurse,

    Yep, that’s why we do it … well that and orneriness … damn bastards aren’t going to win!

  8. Elaine,

    And also into hats … must be an indicator of a superlative grandchild … 😉

    I’ll leave this for a bit but I have a new “fall scene” we took the other day to replace my old one.

  9. Beautiful, sweet babies, Elaine and Blouise… They are absolutely precious..

    Just two of the reasons that we must keep on keepin’ on…

  10. AY, rafflaw, & Blouise,

    I do consider myself a most fortunate woman. Being a grandmother rocks!



    Have a great day with your grandsons!



    I’m sure your “little/ big heart” is a beautiful child.

  11. Isn’t it great?! She’s just beautiful.

    I’m thinking of changing my gravatar for a brief time so I can show you all my favorite picture of my youngest “little/big heart” grandchild. Have to get her Dad’s permission.

  12. Thanks, Bdaman. Julia joined us for dinner yesterday–along with my daughter and my 93-year-old mother. It was great having four generations of my family together.

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