Cats Versus Dogs: The Eternal Struggle Continues . . .

The terrible thing is that the cat probably convinced the dog that this was the most logical sleeping arrangement.

We have the same phenomenon in my house. Whenever the kids have a friend sleep over, Molly immediately claims the pullout bed. We often find our little guests rolled into small balls at the end of the bed with Molly spread out under the sheets.

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  1. I remember the “rumor” that animals could sense earthquakes before humans. Well, several years ago we had a 5.0 quake in N.E. Georgia.
    I felt it, and went out to the front porch, where our two cats were. Their reactions…”why did you turn the porch light on, we were sleeping?”
    The dogs snored through it as well.

  2. I forgot to mention that the hard part is training the dog to fold up the blanket and put it back on top of the kennel.

  3. Dogs are the real pussycats. The first clap of thunder, they hide under the bed. The cats yawn and continue their naps.

  4. Great story Oro. Our Yellow Lab is best buds with our Daughter and Son-in-law’s chocolate lab and would do anything to be with her when she is over. They usually both end up in our bedroom when they are staying over.

  5. Momma had a Bichon, “Shortstuff”. While Shortstuff was about a year old a stray black and white “Tuxedo” kitten showed up. I named him “Leon Sphinx” — he had a patch of black under his nose that made him look as if he was missing his upper teeth.

    After a while,they became best buds. They ate off the same plate –Shortstuff first, then Leon. Shortstuff would only eat half, right to an imaginary line running through the middle of the plate.

    Unfortunately, Leon met an early demise. For years, Shortstuff would eat only to the middle of the plate, And would not eat if the plate was only half filled. And would not play with the toys he had shared with Leon. That went on for about two years..

    I’ve heard it said that getting a dog is as close as you can get to choosing your family. True that. My dog of 14 years was a golden retriever, Oro Lee.

  6. Cat’s….Dogs….People….sometimes there is a distinction without a difference….

  7. I daresay there would be relatively few homes where the above scene would not be repeated.

    Dogs are pack animals, and in most homes, the humans are alphas and the dogs are betas, and in many if not most homes, that means being beta to every other creature in the house.

    Cats – not so much! – they definitely play their little domination games with each other, the other pets in the house, and, they are absolutely not above trying it on the humans in the household as well. In my house – we train each other pretty well. 🙂

  8. My remedy would be to get two dog sized beds? Cats usually make it to pack leader!

  9. Woosty:

    great post.

    “It is amazing how living things get along when given appropriate respect and intentional obstructions are only ever to protect and guide rather than to control and manipulate.”

    yep, it is called liberty and individual rights. Works every time when applied and is a good part of the reason we in America are not getting along very well. The government is not protecting and guiding but rather bullying us into predetermined behaviours.

  10. Growing up we had quite a menagerie and it was always ever peaceful and playful…we did not even go through the annoying pissing all over when stressed or the ‘hierarchical’ dance of territory…we were blessed with enough space and we lavished love, play and attention. Bad behavior was dealt with in a swift but kind and approriate manner and did not put at risk or instill fear but inspired understanding….something that most animals respond to. Corporal punishments or untoward restrictions were so rare that our dogs would get distressed if they ever even SAW other dogs being physically or verbally punished in an overtly threatening manner.

    It made for an environment that spawned extraordinary relationships. My dog Annie had a pet rat Darlin who she would carry around in her mouth and that would run playfully up one side of her and down the other….Another dog attempted to ‘nurse’ one of her favorite kittens….and of course the down side…always the cats…so naughty! One was a mommy and one was …well something else….so when they both had litters….the somethin else picked up all her kittens and dumped them on mommy cat….who was in a constant state of caring, purring, nursing and generally being an amazing momkat. She was absolutely made only of love-stuff….( this was along time ago mind you…).

    It is amazing how living things get along when given appropriate respect and intentional obstructions are only ever to protect and guide rather than to control and manipulate. That dog Annie was a rescue and a local junk yard dealer wanted to use her as a guard dog because she was pretty big and had known abuse so was initially prone to fear induced displays of aggression….he thought he could make her really mean and she could live in his junkyard and protect his crap. [What a heartbreaking thing to do to a dog or any creature….] It took years, consistent love and kindness to be worthy of her trust and finding the right teacher (our other dog….) but even she, who had come with many behavioral problems, blossomed.

    I would post a pic but I don’t know how…..and the moral of the story?
    Be kind to each other … it’s worth ever so much more than crap 😉

  11. My cats have made my large collies…accommodate them on
    Sleeping matters-one old girl made friend using the
    annoying over friendly method…she just killed with
    love love love..they see her coming and they leave !
    They never chase her..she rules.

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