No Balls: Toronto School Bans Balls After Playground Accident

Toronto’s Earl Beatty Public School is the latest example of a school overreacting to simple schoolyard accidents or antics. A parent at the school was injured after being hit in the head by a soccer ball. The response: ban all balls for the children.

The school issued a statement that “Any balls brought will be confiscated and may be retrieved by parents from the office. The only kind of ball allowed will be Nerf balls or sponge balls.” Soccer with the Nerf ball may not be quite as exciting as the real thing. The letter reads like a “the beatings will continue until morale improves” approach to governance.

A school cannot make school yards risk free because life has risks. I have had two children break arms, including one on the schoolyard. I accepted the break on the schoolyard as part of a child growing up. I did not call for the elimination of monkey bars or, as in West Virginia, swings. Before we raise kids who crawl into fetal positions upon seeing a real soccer ball, I think the school district needs to reconsider this over-reaction to a common fact of life.

Source: Huff Post

21 thoughts on “No Balls: Toronto School Bans Balls After Playground Accident

  1. I’d guess that the risks involved in walking to school are greater. Maybe the district should require home schooling.

  2. As a Canadian I am tickled (at the absurdity) while also being appalled at the idiocy that presently pervades our society. I cannot begin to fathom the effects of the persistent hammering on the common sense of the individual and family system. How true the above statement is
    ” Before we raise kids who crawl into fetal positions upon seeing a real soccer ball, I think the school district needs to reconsider this over-reaction to a common fact of life.”
    Guess I’ll start wrapping the kids in bubble wrap before aending them out the door. |

  3. Somebody tweet the White House so they can put together this kind of balls to the wall approach to the budget.

    The budget in some areas is a bit too ballsy at the moment.

    This school is on to something that would be better applied off the school yard.

  4. I have heard that in someplaces dodgeball was banned. I think the excuse was that it encouraged aggressive behavior …..

  5. @Gene H. Great clip. You forgot the disclamer: “Professionals on a ‘closed course’. Do not try this at home.”

    I guess that the new generation of parent are really clueless: you go to the playground, kids are playing, soccer or kickballs are flying all over the place. Heads Up?

  6. Seems ridiculous at first view, but I as a former teacher, I know the paranoia of living in a litigious society, and it’s always the teacher’s fault because they weren’t protecting the child. I still am overly cautious with people working for me, for fear they put themselves in harm’s way. Couple this with the negative attitude of many parents toward teachers and, although ridiculous, puts the school out of “harm’s way”. Better to take a look at parental attitudes before criticizing the school.

  7. Wow.

    That’s like blowing your house up because you found a few ants inside.

    Overreact much?

    These kinds of things happen when you apply kinetic force to something like a Soccer ball.

    I’ve gotten hit with soccer balls, foot balls and even baseballs when I was at school. If they had banned them then, we never would have had a physical education class.. which nowadays is more important than ever.

    Knee-jerk reaction much?
    The school should be ashamed of itself.

  8. My son played soccer this fall. We parents had to be aware of the balls leaving the playing field. One Mom from our team stopped a ball as it left the field (with her hand). Her comment was “Gee that is really hard, I’m glad it didn’t hit me in the face, it really would have hurt.”

    My point is you need to be aware of your surroundings. You don’t cross the road without looking at traffic, don’t go into a school playground without seeing what is happening there (kids running around, games being played with various flying objects, etc.)

  9. What’s wrong with saying “I’m so sorry you got hurt, do you need some ice?” instead they say get rid of balls.
    I got hit in the head while catching for my son when he was practicing pitching. I just went and got some ice to help the swelling, I didn’t ban him from ever pitching again.

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