Illinois Man Admits To Selling Penis Enlargers to Treat Diabetes and Bladder Patients

An Illinois man, Gary Winner, pleaded guilty to criminal charges in Rhode Island after selling “penis enlargers” to diabetes patients to help with “bladder control, urinary flow and prostate comfort.” This could make for an a particularly novel product liability claim as well as a negligence case.

Under an agreed upon deal, Winner, 49, admitted to buying $26 penis enlargers from an adult website, repackaging them and selling them to patients for $284 each.

For products liability, he would be considered a seller covered under strict product liability. He could try to argue that he was merely supplying a service rather than a product, but the repackaging items would appear to refute that defense. To the same extent, the actual manufacturers would appear free of liability since few would say that the use of penis enlargers for diabetes patients is a “foreseeable misuse.” Obviously, there is a warning defect and a negligence claim.

Winner could face up to 33 years in prison. With the plea, Winner is looking at serious time and the ultimate reaffirmation both legally and medically that size is not everything.

Source: AZ Central

15 thoughts on “Illinois Man Admits To Selling Penis Enlargers to Treat Diabetes and Bladder Patients”

  1. This is pure greed, stupidity and uncaring.
    I operate a website that deals in these types of products. I am not a Dr. but even I know that using something like this on a diabetic person has the potential for great harm and NO BENEFIT since I believe the problem for a diabetic person is that some have trouble with erectile dysfunction and no kind of “stretching” tool is going to help with this.
    What I tell men who contact us that are diabetic and have E.D. is that they should check with their Dr. I believe pumps are safe AND effective in these cases. And best of all, if your Dr. writes a prescription I think most insurance companies will pay for a pump that your DR. recommends.
    Back to the greed part. It amazes me what people will do today just to make more money. Right down to the DR. who we are supposed to be able to trust with our lives.

  2. This is actually an argument for comprehensive national health insurance, so in effect, size matters.

  3. Blouise, actually, your method is way more civilized than mine; I need a bit more evolving I think 🙂

  4. lotta,

    Your method is much better than a penis enhancer and it costs nothing!

    Truth be told … I use music … Mozart and/or Vivaldi work wonders on a troubled mind and, for some unknown reason, Warren Zevon.

  5. OMG Blouise! LOL. Kind of in a similar vein, on those occasions when I could utterly destroy an opposer’s argument and ‘win’, it elevated my mood for days. It was way better than drugs. (I didn’t have to be a cool about it, I wasn’t a professional.)

  6. raf,

    Well, here in Ohio, where only 15% of us take pills for mental health, we women have found that it is much cheaper and far more satisfying to treat depression by purchasing a penis enlarger and beating some unsuspecting male over the head with it.

  7. I wonder if any of the One in Four U.S. Women who Take Medication for Mental Health Programs from the other thread are married to any of the fools who purchased Mr. Winner’s repackaged goods.

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