Chicago Police Arrest Alleged Attacker in YouTube Video

We previously followed the horrific story of an elderly man knocked unconscious by a teenager while his friends laughed and mocked the man at a CTA station. He is Scotty Strahan, 18, who does appear to be the man in the widely viewed videotape on YouTube.

The video below shows that, while a woman is seen kneeling over the victim, his friends are laughing and boasting “he knocked his ass out.” It is truly scary to see such inhumanity and cruelty.

Strahan, 18, turned himself into Area 3 officers after authorities issued alerts seeking his arrest. He has been charged with aggravated battery to a transit passenger and battery in a public place. I am surprised that there is not an abuse of the elderly charge, but presumably there will be an aggravating factor added at sentencing if he is convicted.

What is clear is that such depravity and inhumanity warrants maximum sentencing. If this man enjoys attacking a helpless old man, he is capable of any outrage and is a tremendous threat to society.

My compliments to the Chicago Police Department. The only regret is that the mocking friends who enjoyed the attack will not be subject to public scrutiny and identification. Their own expressions and encouragement suggest the same dangerous propensities and lack of basic humanity. Yet, we have always held to the legal principle that you cannot be held liable for a failure to rescue or enjoying the suffering in others. We are confronted all too often with the reality of how many such people live in our society when we see people encouraging people to jump from bridges or laughing at those who are suffering in public places.


10 thoughts on “Chicago Police Arrest Alleged Attacker in YouTube Video”

  1. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. All of those in that video deserve to answer for that publicly, be shamed and humiliated, battered senseless by the relatives of the man, and thrown into a proper jail to have a good think about what they are. There is no other way to teach people with such a profound lack of empathy.

  2. AY, I’m confident that said perp will get a very warm welcome in the hoosgow. Very procto-friendly. Something to be happy for on this day to give thanks. Happy T ya’ll.

  3. Such a boy…But at least he manned up…so to say….Maybe he should just get a good ass kicking from the Victims family and be done with it…

  4. It makes me sad for America when I see something like this. It does look like the woman tried to help and did call 911.

  5. Shades of “Clockwork Orange”. How cruel people can be. At least that girl stopped to help. It looked like she was calling for help.

  6. Yes,Yes.Yes.I saw this earlier and I posted it on the:
    “Special Prosecutor: DOJ Attorneys Cannot Be Charged With Criminal Contempt Because They Were Not Ordered To Comply With Legal and Ethical Rules”thread.


    Hope the brothers in lockup will give this brother and the others who stood by and laughed when they get caught some reciprocity,for that was someones Father,Brother,Uncle or Friend who did not deserve to be assaulted like that.

  7. “My compliments to the Chicago Police Department.”

    Considering this guy turned himself in, and Chicago is apparently lawless enough to let this guy think his actions were ever okay, and taking about ten days to get him to turn himself in, …

    Well I’m just not sure that compliments are warranted. Unless you’re being a bit sarcastic.

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