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  1. I am away from home right now a very very rare occurrence and in talking to Hubby every night I ask about the pets. My pug Sarge has anxiety issues. And Kitty is short for Psychokitty. When Hubby is away for extended times Sarge and Kitty stare at the door he always uses for hours and hours, even sleeping in the doorway curled up together . Both anxious for days and getting worse as the stay from home extends. I always wondered if Kitty’s anxiety was due to Hubby’s absence or being set off by Sarge’s anxiety. After being away for a few days I asked Hubby and he said Sarge is whining and crying staring at the door and being in general a nutjob…… Kitty doesn’t stare at the door or any of her behaviors when Hubby is away. Well now I know where I stand…. Sarge gets steak when I come home. Kitty can ask hubby for dinner.

    I never see the invisible kitty, Thank you for the highlite or I’d never find it.


    As of today, 12-12-2011, Jonathan’s blog is in second place:

    CorporetteBilled as “a fashion and lifestyle blog for overachieving chicks,” Corporette features fashion tips, etiquette lessons, guest authors and sweet bargains. Are thank-you notes on personalized stationery a thing of the past? Can women of color wear their hair naturally in a corporate environment? These questions and more are hotly debated.
    Twitter: @corporette
    Law and the Multiverse: Superheroes, supervillains, and the law“Law and the Multiverse is a great blog dedicated to legal realities and the fiction of comic books (and related geekdom),” writes Joseph McClusky of Massey, McClusky & Swanson in Memphis, Tenn. “The analyses are always well-presented, well-reasoned and well-researched. What’s more, it is so successful in bridging my hobbies and my work that I enjoy it as much on the weekend as I do during the week.”
    Twitter: @LawATMultiverse
    Law Law LandWhile its amici were divided over whether its jokes are witty or awful, we come down on the side of “awesomely bad.” Run by LA’s Greenberg Glusker, it’s consistently one of the most entertaining entertainment law blogs out there. Full of pop-culture references, its posts are lighthearted but informative.
    Twitter: @lawlawlandblog
    The Namby Pamby, Attorney-at-Law“Namby blawgs/tweets, and hilarity ensues,” says University of Arkansas law student Erica Durr. “I appreciate his candor, pithiness and ability to make the practice of law seem like a fun (albeit tumultuous) roller-coaster ride.”
    Twitter: @thenambypamby
    The Prime-Time Crime ReviewRipped from the headlines, but with a twist! Law & Order: SVU is in its 13th season and Allison Leotta, novelist and former federal sex-crimes prosecutor, is fact-checking their work. Leotta analyzes each episode, then discusses what they got right and wrong. She’ll also comment on high-profile crimes of the day and crime novels.
    Twitter: @AllisonLeotta
    Constitutional DailyConstitutional Daily is a young blog but an influential one. Its news summaries and columns are the product of a bitterly funny, mostly anonymous cadre of authors. The Namby Pamby, Attorney-at-Law, whose blog also makes our top 100, partners with editor-in-chief BL1Y to produce the podcast Blind Drunk Justice.
    Twitter: @Con_Daily
    Lowering the Bar“Kevin Underhill has a knack for finding the most absurd lawsuits and law-related events and then describing them with amazing wit,” writes Jeff Richardson of iPhone J.D., also in this year’s Blawg 100. “Every visit to Lowering the Bar is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face.”
    Twitter: @loweringthebar
    “that’s what she said”The lawyers at Ford & Harrison take a closer look at the employees of Dunder Mifflin on NBC’s The Office—more specifically, at the egregious violations of labor and employment law featured in every episode.
    Twitter: @HRHero


    Jonathan Turley
    Maybe it’s our journalism bias, but we like when D.C.-based constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley opines on the news of the day and isn’t always satisfied with the version recounted in media reports. In February, he went straight to the source to tease out the sequence of events that cost an Indiana deputy attorney general his job. Of course, we also get a kick out of the occasional random, off-topic posts, especially the penguin videos he shared after his son Ben pointed them out.

    Twitter: @JonathanTurley


    The irreverent yet poignant Popehat blogger Ken has, as Criminal Lawyer blogger Nathaniel Burney writes, “a distinct voice that stands out from the crowd in the blawgosphere.” Burney also notes that Ken’s posts are “structured well, with an eye for flow and tone that many would do well to emulate.”

    Twitter: @popehat


    In nearly eight years of blogging, Ann Althouse doesn’t miss a chance to offer her conservative take on the latest political dustup. Or become part of a dustup, as she did this year in a well-publicized (and videotaped) altercation with a pro-labor demonstrator in Madison, Wis., where she lives. Readers less interested in her commentary on pop culture or politics can “make Althouse an all-law blog” in her main nav bar.

    Twitter: @annalthouse


    The Legal Satyricon
    Sharp-tongued and sometimes as crude as the free expression Marc Randazza and his Satyriconistas champion and critique, this blog isn’t for the faint of heart. But it’s a must-read for raw commentary on the latest in media and blogging law. We also respect that one of the recently added Satyriconistas regularly consults her Magic 8 Ball for guidance.

    Twitter: @marcorandazza


    The Volokh Conspiracy
    The 19 or so (all male) contributors to the Volokh Conspiracy present and debate constitutional law and headlines that grab them at the moment. While commentary generally flows libertarian and conservative, no opinion is likely to go unchallenged by other contributors or their active reader base.

    Twitter: @VolokhC

  3. I saw the Kitteh. Then again I am an expert Kitteh finder. My neighbors gorgeous cat , some pure breed or whatsit, stalks the entire household FROM OUTDOORS! You will be sitting on the couch and it will stalk you from outside the window at night. Very hard to see except for the eyes.

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