Thinning The Hurd: Bears Wide Receiver Arrested in Drug Sting

As if things were not bad enough for Bears’ fans with the loss of Jay Cutler and other mishaps, Bears wide received Samuel Hurd, 26, has been arrested and charged with conspiring to distribute cocaine. Hurd looks like he was sacked in a pretty damning sting operations where he not only is caught arranging delivery of coke and pot but actually accepts a sample (the latter move should have been a tip off of a sting operation).

Prosecutors say that Hurd began drug dealing in Dallas told an ICE undercover agent at a restaurant that he wanted 5 to 10 kilograms of cocaine, at $25,000 per kilogram, and 1,000 pounds of marijuana at $450 per pound per week for distribution.

Hurd reportedly identified himself as a Bears player and that any delivery would have to wait for him to be finish at work. For those of us who are Bears fans, this only confirms the view that our players seem a bit unfocused on the game — in this case, moon-lighting as a drug dealer.

It is of course mystifying why such a high-paid professional athlete would feel the need or desire to be a drug dealer and now face 40 years in prison and a $2 million fine for conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of cocaine.

Between players in recovery or the hoosegow, our team appears diminishing even faster than our hopes and dreams. Now if only the tapes mentioned his co-conspirator Aaron Rogers, he might still do us some good. Right now, incarceration looks like the only thing that will stop that man.

Source: CNN

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21 thoughts on “Thinning The Hurd: Bears Wide Receiver Arrested in Drug Sting”

  1. War On Drugs get rid of all the Walgreens and CVS pharmacies that’s on every street corner in America.

  2. There is somebody much bigger than Hurd involved. It is interesting that Jones traded Marion Barber, Roy Williams and Hurd to the Bears.

  3. Re: War on Drugs

    That should be: “Hurd, if found guilty, should get the maximum sentence.”

  4. Re: War on Drugs

    1st, it’s pretty stupid to say “War on [anything]” unless its actually WAR. That mindset causes tunnel vision in fully appreciating the actual “problem” and developing effective responses.

    2nd, how do you go to war on something inanimate? War is waged against people, like producers, dealers, and consumers.

    3rd, damn it, if you set out to take Vienna, then take Vienna. Fight to win. Producers of cocaine are in other countries –forget them. Going after consumers is ineffective and self-defeating — there will always be consumers and permanently impairing their ability to be productive members of society increases everyone else’s burden.

    Go after the dealers. Hurd should get the maximum sentence. Convicted dealers (as well as most white collar criminals) should be barred from ever owning property except limited personal effects and be permitted no income except federal minimum wages.

    But that’s only if we want to continue the silly “War on Drugs” campaign.

  5. There is more to be revealed….I am sure…from what I read he will be tried in Dallas…..not Chicago…..Hmmmm

  6. this is simply impossible! As we all KNOW, sports builds character and a kid involved in sports is too busy to be involved in drugs!

    These thugs, pushers, junkies, rapists and even a few murderers dominate many communities, schools and most, if not all, D-I universities. They add nothing to society of benefit but are treated like gods, often above the law, always pandered too.

    I used to love the NFL but as a larger percentage of players seem to fall into the criminal category (or is it that more are being exposed?) and the long-term damage being done to the players becomes clearer I can’t stand it any more. Fans fawning over ‘their’ them and its stars just feeds the sickness that sports has become.

    At some point the tsunami of sludge that is washing over this country from sports is going to reach the point where it sickens enough people that we demand it stop. Sports has to take its rightful place as a pastime, recreation a diversion of no particular consequence and its coaches, players and fans have to accept that they are part of society and bound by its rules.

  7. I read about this misfortune for Mr. Hurd and the Bears. I have very fond memories of the Bears when Walter Payton played. He did deserve is nickname, “Sweetness.”

  8. raff:

    ” His retirement might be starting a little earlier than he thought. He was cut today by the Bears”

    Truer words have not been spoken,Mr Hurd the way the media is telling the story this guy was in a position to supply the whole NFL,weekly.

  9. tomdarch,
    I was wondering about ICE’s involvement as well. I think it must be related to his time in Dallas. Maybe he is alleged to be selling to illegal residents? His retirement might be starting a little earlier than he thought. He was cut today by the Bears.

  10. Smart NFL players know that they only last for a few years, and need to plan for a career after they can’t play at that level…. But then, “drug kingpin” doesn’t seem to be a long-lived career either.

    Also, why is ICE/DHS running this and not the DEA?

  11. What a disgusting story if it is true. A guy who is blessed with enough talent to hang around in the NFL for a few seasons and he is alleged to be dealing drugs in a big way. Crazy. You are right Professor, the season is over between the injuries and this nonsense.

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