WREATH: An Acrostic Poem

Submitted by Elaine Magliaro, Guest Blogger

Here’s an acrostic poem that I wrote a few years ago. If you read down the left side of the poem, it spells out the word “wreath.”

Wrapped around itself,


Evergreen, fragrant of winter forests,

Adorned with berries, baubles, bells of gold,

Tacked to the front door…

Home for the holidays.


Happy Holidays to all!!!

8 thoughts on “WREATH: An Acrostic Poem”

  1. Elaine, what a delightful find on a winter morn!

    I have done that myself, but not always with “loving” intentions. Some of my politically themed acrostics are


    I used to make cards for my wife before we were married. I was doing engineering drawing and would use my drafting tools to write messages. If you look at them flat, they look like long thin lines spaced extremely close together and are totally unreadable. Using the trick of perspective, if you tilted the card and looked at it almost edgeways, the message would appear as readable print.

  2. AY & mespo,

    I just realized that I needed to make a correction on the poem. I had had trouble posting it and somehow two lines of the acrostic combined and it read WRATH down the left side–not exactly the word I was trying to convey with my post.


    Did you ever send coded messages to a “lover?” Inquiring minds want to know.


  3. I read that Elaine….If I am correct…was that not how “Lovers” communicated in years ago…They would send coded messages written in verse and poem…where only they knew where to look….this you could not find written in a book….

    Thanks again….

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