And You Thought Your Holiday Lighting Was Impressive . . .

An engineer from Ukraine put on an amazing display this year. This allows our readers to prepare for next year with some ideas to put your neighbors to shame.

One of the commentators reaffirmed that this is not computer generated:

They are using Digital Lights and other Media Servers, like High End DL3 units, or a Green Hypo Hypotizer. You can see the lights often moving across the front of of the building as the visual media is played back in sync with the light’s position. Usually, this is all designed by a creative team made up of a lighting designer, media designer and´╗┐ a couple of lighting programmers.

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11 thoughts on “And You Thought Your Holiday Lighting Was Impressive . . .

  1. Obviously, Vimeo does not embed. Here is the dome of the Westfield Mall in San Franscisco, lighting by the same team that did the Mosque.

  2. The technical expertise was impressive but I found the whole of it to be … creepy.

    However, the links OS provided were just as impressive from a technical aspect and … joyful.

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