U.S. Loses Fight To Block Pollution Tax of Airlines in Europe — Promises An “Appropriate Action” In Response

We previously discussed the ignoble effort of the Obama Administration and U.S. airlines to claim an exemption to the European pollution taxes that applies to all other airlines. They have now lost their case before the European Court of Justice — and the Obama Administration is promising to retaliate.

In combination with the U.S. refusal to sign on to cuts in carbon emissions, the move against the pollution tax reaffirms for many environmentalists around the world that the U.S. is now a foe rather than an ally in the fit against global warming and pollution.

This move to force the airlines to pay for their pollution follows an earlier decision by a senior adviser to the court against the U.S. airlines.

The Europeans have always sought to force internalization of pollution costs to encourage companies to reduce emissions or pay for the damage caused by their activities. The idea that the U.S. airlines should get a pass on such emissions has caused condemnations through the continent.

In response, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the US “will be compelled to take appropriate action” if the EU goes ahead with the scheme. It appears that “appropriate action” does not involve committing to carbon reductions.

Source: Spiegel

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