Trip Around the World . . . A Single Shot At A Time

Ok, I know can see that my travel blog last summer to France was pretty lame after viewing this guy’s one-second frames of his trip around the world.

It takes just too much work to be this creative. I just stuffed myself with hot chocolate and macaroons at Angelina’s in Paris. The problem is that a second-by-second frame would show me getting fatter.

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7 thoughts on “Trip Around the World . . . A Single Shot At A Time”

  1. Bette,
    You are right. This made me a little dizzy too. If he had just slowed it down a little bit, it would have been even more amazing.

  2. Bette Noir,

    Some folks are just dizzy….or is that ditsy…without any help of the speed travel….

  3. The difference, Prof. Turley, is that your blog of your trip to France made me want to go to France, while this just makes me dizzy.

  4. It’s basically (eye) porn, but without the integrity and sincerity.

    Calculated and about as sexy as B.F. Skinner scrawling onto his blackboard.

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