Happy New Year’s Eve to all of our blog family. We will be spending New Year’s Eve at home this year — preparing for our annual New Year’s party on January 1st. I will be toasting to everyone on our extended blog family. It has been quite a year with a number of changes on the blog, including the addition of our extraordinary team of weekend bloggers. We are now approaching 10 million hits and 10,000 posts. It is hard to believe how far we have come on the blog and yet manage to retain our civility and good humor. I am deeply appreciative to each and every one of you — your contributions and camaraderie on this blog.

Tonight Leslie and I will share our traditional bottle of Schramsberg Sparkling wine. This is my wedding anniversary. Fourteen years ago, Leslie and I eloped on New Year’s Eve after eight years years of dating. (There is an ongoing dispute over calculating the event, I insist that this is our 22nd anniversary but Leslie insists on not counting the eight years of dating). We always celebrate with a bottle of Schramsberg — the bottle I bought after we got hitched at Alexandria City Hall on New Year’s Eve. I used my house school ring to marry Leslie.

We are expecting 150 friends to share in Wasabi Bloody Marys) and our traditional soup: The Bowl of the Wife of Kit Carson Soup. I smoked a Turkey yesterday and will be making the soup this morning. It is like being a cook on a Navy destroyer — and I love it.

26 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.
    Thank you for the blog and the chance to read the literate and intelligent posts that abound here. It is a rarity.
    Henman, thanks that card is great. I will be sharing it and hope that is okay.

  2. Happy New Year Prof.
    Seems like whatever i could say has been said.
    What the hell.
    I apreciate the fact that you guys have welcomed me and my sometimes off the wall comments. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from your discussions and that no one treats me as of lessor value for my lack of a degree.
    I love this sight. So much variety and so much knowledge packed into one site. It’s a good thing.
    I’m sure I never mentioned it as it is of little value but a co-incidence or not I suppose.
    When I graduated High School in 1976; I was offered a full six year Scholarship to College and Law School by the Air Force. All tuition, books, lodging and spending money. I was really in to the idea but life began throwing some curves. My brother died and so on and i never took them up on it.
    Anyway; all you Eagles have a Great New Year and know that I appreciate the comments you make and your sense of humor as well.
    See you next…..I guess it’s this year now.

    1. AMS,

      One of the smartest people I’ve ever met was my Dad. He dropped out of school in the 9th grade. He had a great vocabulary, read people like Camus and loved avante garde films. I judge people by their ability to think and communicate their thoughts. You do that as well as anyone here.
      I think in this I speak for many of us. Your presence is valued and valuable.

      1. Thank you Mike,

        That means alot to me. I am honored and touched. I am happy to contribute and I look forward to future interactions with all of the bloggers and commentors here. Well…………..there are one or two…………….nevermind; let’s keep this happy.
        Thanks again

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