Is Ron Paul A Clear and Present Threat To War Correspondents?

We have yet another live mike mishap. While reporters were waiting to hear from President Obama on his reform of the military, a C-Span mike picked up on reporters saying “See this room? Two-thirds of us laid off when Ron Paul is president.” It is a far point. How can Paul claim to be serious about creating jobs when fewer wars mean fewer war correspondents? In the meantime, President Obama should be credited with taking an unpopular step in calling for a reexamination of our long-standing “two-war” strategy of maintaining an army ready to fight two conventional wars.

Here is the tape:

Obama’s reform of the military calls for stripping down the size based on his view that “the tide of war is receding.” It is a pretty daring move during an election year and would move our military beyond the Cold War assumptions to make it more efficient and tailored to current threats.

Source: NY Daily News

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  1. Catallus,
    When you agree to a speaking engagement as a Presidential candidate, you are buying into the group. It is indicative of their approval or Paul’s desire to get their approval and/or money.

  2. Mike–“They are a bigoted groups dedicated to an oligarchy of the rich.”

    If that is indeed true it is difficult to see exactly how the JBS is that different from the current Washington power structure because an “oligarchy of the rich” is precisely what the Republican and Democrats have created.
    And by the way, merely pointing out that Ron Paul and the JBS have some common ground on which to stand is in no way indicative of approval of the entire JBS agenda or their history.

  3. Mike S

    upper klan

    good description

    grayson’s a good congressman. even if he looks like a used car salesmen.

  4. FWIW,

    Grayson rules

    uh, except when it comes to toeing the AIPAC line on Israel.

  5. 5thGradeChief: “Wow. We thought our group bickered. You adults take the cake.”

    If an adult told you that adults don’t bicker that adult is not a good source of information. LOL, As an adult there are hundreds of things, many of them very important and vital to oneself and the nation, to bicker about. Only the form changes. Doing it with facts, wit, insight and a good vocabulary gets you extra points. Pay attention in English and language class, what you learn there today will make you a good poster/bicker-er later. It’s fun. You’ll enjoy yourself.

  6. Mike S–“If you are an ally of the John Birch Society “crackpot” is descriptive, not pejorative.”

    “To bring about less government, more responsibility, and — with God’s help — a better world by providing leadership, education, and organized volunteer action in accordance with moral and Constitutional principles.”

    One can see why Paul would be an ally of JBS and their core principles don’t seem to be any more “crackpot” than any other contemporary political organization.

    1. “One can see why Paul would be an ally of JBS and their core principles don’t seem to be any more “crackpot” than any other contemporary political organization.”

      I know their history, perhaps you don’t, or perhaps you approve. In either event you are wrong about them. They are a bigoted groups dedicated to an oligarchy of the rich. In short an upper class KKK.

  7. ““Crackpot” and “Isolationist” are nothing more than pejorative terms used to dismiss those that threaten the status quo”


    If you are an ally of the John Birch Society “crackpot” is descriptive, not pejorative. I’ll give you “Isolationist” though, that is incorrect and pejorative.
    Paul’s putative foreign policy beliefs have validity, however, I personally have doubts about how he would apply them once in office and surrounded by people clamoring for war, in one place or another. Being a Congressman allows one a certain freedom to criticize and pontificate. Being a President makes it far harder to adhere to ones personal beliefs. We haven’t had that kind of President or situation for many a year, if ever.

  8. Demonic Methodith,

    There is no one I despise on this blog, that is such a virulent term. Do some annoy me, of course, but when they do I am open in my response. If I express liking someone, or respecting them, I do so because that is the way I truly feel. This isn’t Congress where colleagues talk to their hated enemies in terms like “My Dear Friend”. I don’t see how you could assume otherwise if you are familiar with this blog.

  9. Ryan–“Ron Paul’s crackpot, isolationist dystopia would be as dangerous as it would be foolish.”

    “Crackpot” and “Isolationist” are nothing more than pejorative terms used to dismiss those that threaten the status quo. Perhaps you can actually come up with a rationale for why the US has to spend $1.3 trillion a year on the military/national security state, which BTW, didn’t prevent the attacks of 9/11.

  10. Mike:

    I am sure I would agree with him concerning social issues and lobbying/lobbyists and bailouts.

    More politicians ought to call government officials K St. whores and more Americans ought to withhold votes from politicians who are K St. whores.

    Who the hell do those assholes [politicians] think they are anyway? When I was a pimp (a minor pimp) they always were arrogant little f….ks until you put that honorarium in front of them. I always used to laugh at it being called an honorarium, honor my ass. There was nothing honorable about it, it was a quid pro quo.

  11. 5thGradeChief

    Wow … maybe you can get some of your school kids to carry signs … we’d all love that

  12. Mike S.:

    Grayson was my Congressman until the family values people propped up Daniel Webster. Since Webster has been a Tea Party stooge, I’m hoping that Grayson can make a comeback this year. But it’s a difficult district.

  13. Mike,
    I get Grayson’s emails and they are wonderful. He is a true progessive and I hope he gets back in the House.

  14. Bron,

    It was a letter to supporters. You ought to check Grayson out I think there are some things you might agree with at least.

  15. Mike:

    was that a letter to you personally or was that a form letter? That was pretty interesting if it was a form letter. I think I am going to get on his list just to receive his letters.

  16. Mike S.,

    I liked the Grayson-Himes Pay for Performance Act and I really liked it when he called Linda Robertson a K-Street whore.

    Webster beat him fair and square but hopefully the voters have realized it was a mistake.

    He is someone Citizens United folk don’t like and I’m glad he’s trying again. I’ll contribute.

    1. Blouise,

      Beside his viewpoint, I think he articulates the real concerns better than anyone around today. He does’t do it in Pol speak either and in that sense represents the path needed to be followed towards confronting the Right Wing over the top verbiage. The problem the people on the left have in debating the issues is that they are afraid to clearly articulate that this is a battle against rule by corporation. Grayson makes that the centerpiece of his ideas.

  17. SwM,

    In my opinion Ron Paul is as deeply flawed as the others but given the nature of the other candidates, I wish Paul would get the nomination for the debates over racism, feminine issues, and homophobic leanings would be spectacular and revealing. Unlike Gerald Ford, I think the country is strong enough to handle the revelations that would ensue.

    However, Romney will get the nod and all the usual pablum will be regurgitated amidst much huffing and puffing and righteous indignation and Obama will win. So pay attention to the states and contribute what you can to the candidates there for the real battle is on those fronts.

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