9 thoughts on “When You Really Need A New Art Piece in Three Minutes Or Less . . .”

  1. I don’t what that guy clears in Russia, but in the French Quarter, he’d make a fortune.

  2. That is a talented fellow!

    I now have some evidence for the argument that there is no such thing as premature ejaculation.

  3. Then there is the art of Dru Blair. Probably best known for some of his aviation art, he also uses a style which he calls ‘photorealism.” The picture at the link is NOT a photograph, but a painting which took 75 hours to complete. Dru Blair says, “As a style, Photorealism has a few detractors, who often dismiss it as pointless, or non-art. They fail to realize that many photorealistic paintings are not mere copies of photographs, but interpretations of reality based on the artist’s vision. The act of merely copying a photograph has no artistic merit except to hone one’s artistic skills. Most of my aviation paintings would be impossible to photograph….”

    This is a close up of the face of one of his subject paintings, “Tica.”


    This is the whole painting:


  4. I can’t draw a straight line with a t-square and a laser sight let alone anything that would pass as a picture.

    The envy is strong in this one

  5. I like the sand art of Ilana Yahav. She makes sand come alive and tell a story. This piece is called, “You’ve Got a Friend.”

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