The Cat Did It: Man Arrested After Trying To Frame Cat For Murder

In East St. Louis, Illinois, Brett Nash, 45, is accused of conspiracy to murder and then frame someone else for the crime. Not unheard of to be sure in the annals of crime, but the murder was going to be pinned on a cat.

The FBI arrested Nash with the help of a paroled killer who came forward with a bizarre tale of how Nash wanted to abduct, extort and electrocute a wealthy lawyer who was interested in Nash’s wife.

According to the criminal complaint, one plot involved kidnapping the lawyer, getting him to withdraw a large amount of cash from the bank, and then electricuting him in a jacuzzi with a radio. He was going to then spread kitty litter around the crime scene to implicate the cat.

Police say that Nash was arrested outside of a Kmart in Granite City shortly before the crime was to take place. Nash reportedly told the snitch that he had only $300 in the bank and needed about $37,000 to avert foreclosure. However, he also allegedly said that he previously used his wife, a former exotic dancer, to lure wealth men to hotel rooms and then photograph them for the purposes of blackmail. The wife has not been charged and the cat is believed to be innocent.

Nash is now charged with attempted extortion, by use of threats of violence, under the Hobbs Act. He is facing 20 years in prison and a life being pursued by the cat people.

Below is the agent who uncovered the plot but he has had problems printing out the criminal complaint:

Source: CBS

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  1. Pastor & a volunteer police chaplain, Rick Bartlett of Bastrop, TX, entrapped, starved, tortured and threw Moody the Cat over a 50-foot bridge called HWY 150 Bridge. The cat had an ID collar belonging to his neighbors three doors down on Rick’s residential street. There has been no trial date set and this dastardly crime took place on 1/17/2012 at 4:30 PM. The court case number is: 28.467
    Yet Rick Bartlett has been allowed to start up a new church called Riverside Christian Church on 609 Jessica Place, Bastrop, TX just a few blocks from his own home after he was let go from Bastrop Christian Church. His new Riverside Christian Church begins every Sunday at 10:00 AM. Here is the clincher; the Bartlett’s own a dog named “Toot” How would they like it if someone pulled the same stunt on their beloved dog? Tina Bartlett, his wife went right along with the heinous crime to Moody the Cat being thrown over HWY Bridge 150. She knew all about it and did nothing to stop it.
    Please call, write. fax or email District Attorney Bryan Goertz at:
    Phone: 512-581-7125
    Here is the email address to write to him: (She is the Executive Assistant to the D. A. or prosecutor, Bryan Goertz.)
    Please call, write or fax:
    District Attorney Bryan Goertz
    Phone: 512-581-7125
    Fax: 512-581-7133
    Address: 804 Pecan Street; Bastrop, TX 78602

    There is a petition going out called “Justice for Moody” Here is the website:

    If the justice system lets us down, then let’s not let Moody the Cat down. Animal lovers should see to it that we give Rick Bartlett the same treatment he gave to Moody from HWY 150 Bridge.

  2. i have a dream

    that one day,about a year from now, when pastor rick bartlett of bastrop tx is sitting his fat ass in a jacuzzi, thinking how unfair it is that his life went to shit after getting caught taking care of one little girl’s cat and listening to one of his own sermons on tape. he looks up, hearing a small noise, and sees the grey cat pictured at the beginning of this post, on the other side of the cassette player.

    i’ll leave the rest to the imagination.

  3. And based on my experience, the cat would have exercised its right to remain silent.

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