30 thoughts on “Find The Kitteh Contest

  1. This is the first one I was able to find, although, I had three possible locations. One was just above the kitty to the right, the other was center bottom. The eyes don’t have it anymore.😉

  2. AY,

    I accept the implied challenge. I’ve got some “Find the Kitteh” contests coming up that will test your visual acuity.

  3. At first I was going to ask, “what the sam hill is a kitteh?
    I tried the enlargement but my old eyes could not find a kitten until I saved it and enlarged it some more!

  4. I NEVER find it … even with the red circle, it took me forever to see it … each time we play this game, I swear I’m not going to play again … then I always do. Just give me a cilice and a cat o’ nine tails …

  5. Blouise,

    I’ve played around with the contrast, color, size, and sharpness of the image with the circle. Click on it for a larger version. Should be more obvious now.

    I’ll do the same thing with future solutions to “Find The Kitteh” contests. Don’t want to lose a valued contestant. I do want to stump AY.:)

  6. I wasn’t sure what to look for. What (or who) is a kitteh? Is it/he/she a cat? Kitten?, Kitty or what? AMG (Ach, Mein Gott) What language is this, anyway? Your directions are not clear.

    Yours, although not exclusively,
    64, today

  7. Found the cat, in a familiar pose. Ours does this in mid-groom quite often. Familiarity breeds love. They own us—pretty much…

  8. Your solution was lame. Heisenberg got it right. I see it too, and I am color blind. And kitteh? Yeah, what the f—is that, anyway? Go back to school, or try to fool me when I am, say, 99? Leave language alone unless you have better plans for the future of mankind. ‘num sayin?—eh? This wasn’t supposed to be Highlights for Children, uh, was it? Ohhhh, maybe now I get it—-do you? Yes? Good night and good luck.

  9. Nal,

    As the words of dear ole Charlie Daniels….I saw him at the Drum….aka Frank Erwin Center….I hated it when registration was still held there on the floor….

    But here you go….

  10. nal,

    Was that stump or stomp…..Need clearer English…..either way…I am reading for the challenge…..Thank you for the offer and the ability to make it come true….

  11. raff,

    Don’t always look for what looks like the Obvious….because sometimes the Obvious….is not as obvious….

  12. raff,

    I finally saw it when I tried peripheral … I’m not kidding, I turned sideways in my chair … this is embarrassing …

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