The Ice Man Cometh: Chilean Man Arrested With Five Tons of Hot Ice

Crooks have long sought “fences” to move stolen “ice” but a Chilean man appears to have taken the practice literally. He was arrested this week for selling glacier ice from Patagonia for “designer ice cubes” for the drinks of the rich and stupid.

The glacier in Patagonia is one of the fastest retreating glaciers in the world and often cited as evidence of global warming. The man was caught in a refrigerated truck with 5 tons of ice. One would think that if you were crooked enough to steal ice, you would be crooked enough to just make the “glacial” ice in your freezer. The first thing they need to do is show this guy the movie “The Freshman” to see what a true environmentalist mobster is like.

The ice came from Jorge Montt, part of the Bernardo O’Higgins national park, which is retreating by half a mile a year. I assume that they did not put the ice back, which leads to an interesting question of the chain of custody. Do they keep all of the ice on ice for the trial? If not, how much do you need to satisfy due process rights for testing and later testimony?

Source: Guardian

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  1. not sure if serious.jpg

    Is there some reason the water has to be kept as ice and can’t be kept in a 50 gallon barrel to allow any sort of scientific testing?

  2. I don’t know about other jurisdictions, but in California, clean ice is specifically exempt from littering laws. That and chicken feathers, but the feathers have to come from live chickens. No fair emptying pillows on the highways.

  3. A hot ice story.

    In Rankin County, Mississippi a few years ago, there was a checkpoint set up at the county line. A popular recreation area with a large lake is in the next county over. Rankin County is a dry county and the sheriff’s department often sets up checkpoints to look for alcohol being brought into the county.

    Seems one hot August afternoon, they stopped a car. While asking the driver if he had any alcohol in the car, the passenger finished his McDonald’s large size Coke and poured the ice out on the ground beside the car, tossing the empty cup in the floorboard. The deputy sheriff got angry and gave the fellow a ticket for “littering.”

    Let’s see now, it is August in Mississippi with the temperature close to 100 degrees. A cup of ice from McDonald’s poured out on the ground. The defendant insisted on going to trial and demanded the deputy produce the evidence of litter.

    The judge was not amused the deputy sheriff had wasted the Court’s time. The lecture he gave the sheriff’s department made the front page of the statewide newspaper the next day.

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  5. They are going to have to seize the evidence and thence keep it cold. This is going to turn out to be a cold case of a different color, or bent. Chile while under the thumb of that Pinochet guy had a reputation for destroying evidence and locking people up without it. We will see how they do under the current regime.

  6. Well, the well heeled…need the Ice from somewhere….

    Didn’t they used to make ice aboard ships while cruising across the pond…seems, that the man is going directly to the source….

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