Patriots Versus Giants: Time Is Time For The Turley Blog To Be Heard

Ok folks its time for predictions. We are just an hour away. While frankly a Superbowl is a rather pathetic exercise without the Bears, I am taking the Patriots. I bet my father-in-law a bottle of wine but he insisted that I give him three points and a win on a tie. I can’t believe I gave one of my kids his name.  Nevertheless, Brady has my back on this one.

So, let’s hear the predictions before 6:30.

I will return to the preparation of the Superbowl snacks while Leslie is making Sliders.

Have fun everyone and good luck to both teams . . . and their fans.

18 thoughts on “Patriots Versus Giants: Time Is Time For The Turley Blog To Be Heard”

  1. I predict the Giants will win and I will be poorer by 25 cents.

    It was a good game and the Giants earned the win.

  2. I have been out of town all weekend, but the Giants stupid decision to go for the two point conversion cost me $25.00 in or pool!

  3. Many years ago I worked on a case with an attorney who traveled about in his own cabin class airplane. He invited me out to the airport to see his plane. It was indeed blue, and the registration number painted on the side was N1UN.

    Seems he was a fan of the TV series “The Flying Nun,” as well as a certain alcoholic beverage.

  4. There goes a perfectly good bottle of wine. I should send a bottle of Blue Nun to match the Giants uniform.

  5. That was a real barn-burner.

    I would not have bet that Eli would get a second ring before Payton, but one never knows what the fates will hold. I am sure Archie and Olivia are about to burst. The Giants just outplayed the Pats from the start and Eli was brilliant.

  6. Heard it from a good source that NE will win….I’ll see if this person can predict like his father played…I think his Dad was the QB for 5 wins….But then again….The Giants are favored….

  7. OS,

    I so agree with you about Archie, thankfully his sons do him proud. I don’t predict scores but…….GO BIG BLUE!

  8. Not that interested in the teams this year but I am slightly in favor of a Giants victory. They beat the Cowboys twice at the end of the season and won the division. I might switch to Downton Abbey at 8.

  9. Archie Manning will probably never be admitted to the NFL Hall of Fame because he never got to play for a decent team. However, I think he ought to be inducted into the Hall of Fame if for no other reason than he fathered Eli and Payton.

  10. My money is on the Jack Russel Terrier’s (Jay Leno Show – balloon popping dog) prediction. He has never lost in the past four or five years. I’m pulling for the Giant’s though. Brady doesn’t need another reason to tote around his big head. I’m envious, for him having such a beautiful wife as Giselle.

  11. Use to be Giants fan,during Parcells area,and lately stared rooting for the J-E-T-S,JETS,JETS,JETS.

    Gluton for punishment with that statement,hope not :=).

    But today,GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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