The Orthello Defense: Cleaver Assaulting Husband In Kentucky Insists “Love Will Conquer All.”

James Privett, 26, believes in love . . . and its power to heal all wounds . . . including cleaver scars. Privett took a cleaver to his wife but has told police that he hopes “loves conquers all” and hopes to reconcile with his wife Erica.

Privett attacked his wife with a cleaver, leaving her with wounds to the head. Yet, he explained to police “I really regret doing what I did. I hope she’s alright. I know she’s done some things, and I’ve done some things. But love conquers all. Let’s see if it can conquer this.”

He appears to view himself as a Modern Othello as “one that lov’d not wisely but too well.” The key may to be get beyond the cleaver.

Source: Lex18 as first seen on Reddit.

16 thoughts on “The Orthello Defense: Cleaver Assaulting Husband In Kentucky Insists “Love Will Conquer All.””

  1. Mr. Privett shares a view that is all too common, that love conquers all, but successful conquest requires a good battle plan.

  2. When as a society are we going to do something serious about cleaver violence. Sounds odd doesn’t it?

    Mountain Madness

  3. AY – while it has never happened to me I could imagine a guy making a mistake – once. I don’t know squat about Chris Brown but I know guys are trained to lash out to ‘defend’ themselves. He went through treatment, He says he has changed, Rihanna has forgiven him (though not taken back up with him).

    It may be that he really has changed & she really has come to trust him enough to at least perform with him again. If he wanted to date my daughter I’d tell her to be very careful & look for signs but I’d like to think people are capable of change & growth. Of course if he did that again it was not a mistake.

  4. And on today’s saga in history…..Rihanna and Chris Brown released new singles….. You just gotta love email for who they are…..

  5. I agree with Mike S. Society and his wife, need this guy to spend alot of alone time behind bars. 40 years is a good starting point.

  6. Hurray for Red Skelton!

    And for Mike S. To which I add that most such folks find most things as being injustices against themselves.
    And when you look, you usually find.

  7. Bette – I think if I attacked my wife with a meat clever I’d be lucky to get my arm back!

    The only funny joke I ever heard Red Skelton tell:
    I hit my wife once – didn’t see her for a week after that. It took that long for the swelling in my eyes to go down.

  8. He might have been going after a wart. Defense counsel should ask for an examination of the victims body. In Kentucky they grow em big and one cannot remove them with a pocket knife. A cleaver gives on more leverage. Look at his photo, he aint even six foot tall. Show us the cleaver photo. It might have been a beaver cleaver. A close shave should not be bumped up to a felony. Even in Kentucky.

  9. Assault with a meat cleaver must be considered attempted murder. The man needs to be imprisoned for a long time to contemplate his love. The real problem is that with people of this mentality they will only see their coviction as an injustice perpetrated against themselves.

  10. “… But love conquers all. Let’s see if it can conquer this.”


    “Love” must be the name of the prosecutor.

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