Tucker Carlson: Iran Deserves To Be Annihilated

Tucker Carlson is back and it appears that his stint on Dancing With The Stars left him a bit frisky. In this interview on Fox, Tucker Carlson states that not only is the United States the only country with the moral standing to launch a preemptive strike on Iran but Iran “deserves to be annihilated.”

However, Carlson is not without moral qualms about another war . . . well not without qualms. He notes that he is worried how annihilating Iran might increase gas prices. For that reason, he opposes a war at this time. Some 76 million people to be annihilated and Tucker Carlson is worried about another buck at the pump?

I liked him more when his concerns ran from the Rumba to the Watusi.

If it is any solace, he is not alone in feeling that whole countries deserve annihilation, as reported on the same say. It is a sentiment found common in places like Iran, but of course they do not worry about gas prices like decent folk.

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  1. http://www.democracynow.org/2012/2/27/headlines#1

    WikiLeaks Begins Posting Internal Emails of Private Intel Firm Stratfor

    The whistleblowing website WikiLeaks has begun publishing what it says are 5.5 million emails obtained from the servers of Stratfor, a private U.S.-based intelligence gathering firm with about 300,000 subscribers. The emails were reportedly obtained by the hackers cooperate, Anonymous. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports some of the leaked emails suggest Israel may have sent commandos into Iran, perhaps with the assistance of Kurdish fighters or Iranian Jews, to carry out operations to destroy Iranian nuclear installations.

  2. Remembering the Context of War Crimes: The Crime of War Itself

    Saturday 25 February 2012
    by: Camillo “Mac” Bica , Truthout | Op-Ed



    One would think that, by now, America would have made the connection between war and atrocity. Or, are we too obsessed with our consumer-driven lifestyles, or too apathetic to even pay attention? Or perhaps we believe the military is a refuge for miscreants and deviants capable of unspeakable acts of cruelty and barbarism.

    If we are truly concerned with justice, America’s moral integrity and the well-being of the troops, we must know that war itself is atrocity. Know, as well, that these young men chose not to be murderers, but patriots willing to make great personal sacrifice on behalf of freedom and the values they held sacred; they are the “children ardent for some desperate glory” convinced of “the old Lie; Dulce et Decorum est Pro patria mori.”

    Finally, we must see through the mythology, the lies and the deceptions, and understand that all who become tainted by war are victims. Consequently, the culpability of those we are so quick to condemn must be mitigated. While I do not justify or excuse the actions of these individuals, neither do I seek scapegoats in order to absolve myself of culpability and responsibility as a citizen of a democracy in whose name these warriors were created and atrocities committed.

    Consequently, if there is to be condemnation and punishment, let it begin with those whose incompetence and rapacious desire for wealth and power make unnecessary war inevitable, whose apathy allows the slaughter to continue, and whose blind allegiance and misguided patriotism hamper their ability to understand and appreciate the true reality and nature of war and its tragic and profound effects upon the warrior. (end of excerpt)


    I’ve heard five, six………who’ll give me ten ???? A way to win again.
    It’s still a sin……to miss making a buck…..especially when it’s,,,,shucks,, just war again.

  4. Unilateral mass murder of civilians is not a consideration, but the impact on gas prices is a valid consideration?

    Does anyone else think that Tucker is Ann Coulter’s alter ego?

  5. It’s just TPTB toying with Americans via mainstream media. Setting them up for the propaganda of war on a country that doesn’t need nukes but does need petro $$$. This situation could have been over two years ago when Iran failed to comply with UN mandates. Cut off their ability for any exportation of oil and they would have given over their nuke production or the people of Iran would have taken care of business on their own. Nope, that would’t serve the purpose. So now get the price of gas up to five or six bucks a gal., blame it on Iran, and the masses will jump on board with the War Machine.

  6. I call for the Anncoulterilation of Tucker Carlson. If that happens he will become small enough to become a government that can be inserted into a uterus.

  7. Well, it’s so apparent if you think about it. Great AN. So much I’ve missed.

    It may be an urban tale, but after succeeding Kennedy, Johnson said in ’63:
    “You’ll get your damn war, just get me elected.”

  8. Time for Bill Hicks:

    (I couldn’t find the one that I wanted, but this one will do.)

  9. anon nurse,

    aren’t those words synonyms?
    Even the pretty ones who speak well.

    Hope somebody hears me say that we haven’t had a President since JFK.
    If it was the assassination that cowed them, or they have put in a routine to inform these figureheads of their real powers and their handlers’ powers.

    Anybody agree.

  10. ” Of course, Giuliani is a politician,…” -idealist707

    He’s also an idiot.

    Thanks for the link, Elaine M.

  11. Of course, Giuliani is a politician, and can say that.

    He’s not sitting on one of the tin cans in the range of Irans missiles set up at point-blank range.
    He’s not gonna be “tapped” to seize the ground which is inevitable when we don’t have any stooges on the ground there, he won’t be shot down by the sophisticated AA missiles.
    No, he can provoke a war, and then crucify the President for how he drives it. In the meanwhile he gets his bribes, escuse me, fees from his employers.

  12. Giuliani: We Need A President Who Can Say ‘Bomb’ Iran
    David Taintor February 24, 2012

    The war drums are beating louder and louder for Iran. And on CNN Thursday night, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani did his part, casually saying President Obama should threaten to “bomb” Iran to prevent the country from developing a nuclear weapon.

    Obama has made the situation more complicated by being such a “weakling,” Giuliani said, including writing a secret letter to Ayatollah Ali Khamanei asking for a dialogue.

    The president instead should be convincing Iran that he’s serious and capable of launching military strikes, which is the United States’ best chance to avoid actually carrying out a military mission, Giuliani said.

    “(Obama) can’t say the words ‘bomb them,’” Giuliani said. “We need a president who can say the words ‘bomb them’ and actually can do it if he has to protect us from Iran becoming a nuclear power.”

  13. Tucker is the consummate** artist.

    You know, those who thought that they, just they had a unique talent; or had a “what-a-life—that’s-for-me” dream. Dreams afflict them. I mean we all do dream, or it wouldn’t be interesting, ultimately interesting. I mean handicap-humor palls after a while. Of the type: poor jerks, aren’t they sad.

    So what is an artist’s life like?

    We’ve seen it all embodied at one stage or in one cycle of their merry-go-round-and-round. In lurid, livid panic-color, deluged with tears, exhalted in cheers, drowned in beers, and overwhelmed in arrears.

    Pink slips, new scripts, thin-lips. New tryouts, sometimes brand buyouts,
    other ways out—-at times even the worst..
    Always on the move, to a new high, new low, a new slow waiting for the phone call, the message saying “maybe” —– if your gauge is adjusted.

    The rise, the fall, the clichés begin to crawl like ugly worms from your lips

    So are you immortalized, walk-of-starized, idolized, platinumized, yes, the goals and rewards are endless—-but so are the list of competing young souls who’ll outdo you, screw you, and not cast a backward glance at you.
    They’re there waitng for us: the ultimate he, she, it: put your own names, categories, career paths and soul-swelling feelings on them.

    Such is the fate of the artist in all of us, even in our version of the artist’s life.
    It may not be so dramatic, but surely so emotional.

    What’s your version like? You should be thinking of it, if I succeeded.
    Or maybe you’ve read it many times before in better versions.
    Such is the fate of the writer.
    Originality is hard come by. But that’s another story.

    **thanks to consummate eniobob for the word..

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