30 thoughts on “Find The Kittehs Contest”

  1. Swarthmore mom-

    If you like Coke w/ cane sugar, look for Kosher Coke in late March/early April- it’s usually the same price as regular Coke, unlike “Mexican” Coke in glass bottles. Kosher Coke in the Chicago/Wisconsin area is sold in cans and 2 liter bottles marked with the letters “CRC” in a triangle (Chicago Rabbinical Council).

    When I worked for Coca-Cola and a new employee asked what the difference was between Regular and Kosher Coke, he would be told that Regular Coke was made with pork sugar and Kosher Coke was made with beef sugar.

  2. SwM,

    That’s what you’ve told me but I haven’t found any up here.

    We used to have Coke2 which was half the carbs and tasted exactly the same as traditional thus allowing me to drink two cans a week rather than one. It disappeared from our shelves and I was so distressed that I contacted the corporation to find out why. They told me it hadn’t sold well up North and they were only distributing it down South now.

    I had to go back to only one can a week.

  3. Yes, to “traditional Coke”… the kind in a can, lest there be any question. “No, no, no” to the diet variety… It’s awful. Sometimes I get the little 90 calorie cans…
    I didn’t see the kitten in the foreground, only the one that was lurking in the shadows… (Too much time spent down ye old rabbit hole, I think…) Sometimes we miss what’s right in front of us… 😉

    I was sipping coffee when I checked out the blog this morning. I muttered “Oh, no…” out loud when I saw the “Find the Kittehs Contest”… So I enlarged the image, spied the kitten in the background… and happily went away…

    Regarding “The last one made me want to gouge out my eyes.”

    lol, OS…

  4. SwM,

    Yuck … I’m an old-fashioned girl … only traditional coke will do!

    But, good idea never-the-less … keeps me out of the liquor cabinet.

  5. I only found the one BUT…

    … now I wonder how often do you have to put all the books back on the shelf????

  6. I found them both right away … is it too early for a celebratory drink?!

    SwM … right, the eyes were the ticket

  7. It would appear that none of the above commentators spotted the bonus point second kitty. He is hidden well indeed.

  8. from wish you were here pink floyd text by roger waters n david gilmour, strophe 3

    how I wish

    how I wish you were here

    we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl

    year after year

    running over the same old ground

    what have we found

    the same old fears

    wish you were here

  9. Ahhh. People who have acute eyes and minds.
    Our’s expressed her disappointed expectations by hiding in the forest grove across the street. A bookcase only once.
    How many hours spent in penance calling her name and searching.

  10. Found it. This was one of the easier ones. The last one made me want to gouge out my eyes.

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