Reading On The Run: Woman Photographed Reading Nook and Drinking Coffee While Speeding Down Highway

I was on CNN this morning discussing the comments of the Pennsylvania judge on the assaulting of an atheist. On the way back, the CNN driver took I-66 and we passed this scene of a woman drinking coffee and reading her Nook . . . while moving over fifty miles an hour during rush hour.

We could not believe our eyes so the driver pulled along side while I took a couple of pictures. Even when we passed an accident with a trooper at the scene, the woman barely looked up from her electronic book. This went on for thirty minutes as we drove along on 66. It was truly unbelievable, particularly since traffic would stop and then speed up with the rush hour traffic. We were amazed that she did not hit anyone because she barely glanced up and seemed totally engrossed in the book. Unfortunately, traveling down a highway, my cellphone did not allow for a particularly good picture. At one point, she briefly took her hand off the wheel to both drink and read. Notably, the CNN driver said that recently he was behind a wreck after a woman plowed into a car while doing her makeup. This woman, however, topped even my prior sighting of a guy talking on the cellphone and eating at the same time while driving. At least he was looking up.

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  1. RE: Nate Awrich
    1, February 27, 2012 at 9:23 am
    Three photos, and in none of them can you see either the Nook or the coffee

    Well, opinions may vary. I copied and pasted one of the pictures into software that can modify image brightness and contrast (Corel WordPerfect X5) and, lo and behold, there is plenty of image data to support the essence of Professor Turley’s observations.

    The Nook, or whatever it is (I do not own a Nook, nor have yet seen one closely) is vividly obvious with simple changes in image contrast and brightness; what one person can see accurately, another may never see.

    That is why eyewitness testimony is always inherently infallible?

  2. By the sound of most comments, the act of this women and others who endanger the lives of others (not to mention their own) tells me that people still think this is amusing, the way drunk driving was a joke once upon a time.

    Wake up and smell the danger about you. One sees this sort of thing all time. How many deaths and pile ups will it take before society takes the threat seriously?

  3. When I was stationed in Germany, it wasn’t uncommon to see truck drivers reading newspapers laying on the steering wheel, while flying down the autobahn.

  4. I agree that make-up application during driving is way too prevalent, but I also have a beef with those walkie talkie phones. It seems that the users all want to hold the phone out in front of them on their lap and look at the phone while they are talking! Yikes!

  5. Finally a positive story about the system working!! 50 mph during rush hour; that’s fantastic! I’m lucky if I get up to 20. It’s nice to see some things working efficiently in our nation’s capital. This story really brightened up my day.

  6. Maybe she waited to use the device until she got her makeup on, like the Akron woman we passed during a bleary eyed AM rush.

  7. As one who has driven multiple miles…with nothing but road… I can see why someone would do this…. BUT NOT in traffic…..this is one way insurance companies will deny a claim if an accident happens…..

    Some older nooks have 3g built in…so it could be she looking at a map…..maybe…..

  8. Is that a nook? This is why I’m not a bettin’ woman… šŸ˜‰

    I live in NY and see people on their phones, etc. all the time…

    This is a stock comment of mine:

    Eventually, she’ll probably kill someone… I was at a dinner party and the question of “cell phone use in cars” arose. 11 of the 12 people queried responded that they still use their phones while driving.

  9. “He is now closer to his god as a result of an auto accident.” bettykath

    Let us pray…

    (Feeling irreverent this morning… Thanks for that comment, bettykath.)

  10. bettykath 1, February 27, 2012 at 10:30 am

    If you have a kindle, all such devices are kindles. If you have a nook, ā€¦..

    Bet the prof has a nook?


    Perhaps we’ll get an update… (My money’s on the nook.)

  11. A pastor used to travel about 60 miles between churches along an interstate while reviewing his sermons. He is now closer to his god as a result of an auto accident.

  12. If you have a kindle, all such devices are kindles. If you have a nook, …..

    Bet the prof has a nook?

  13. How dare she. $10,000 fine. Actually, it was whiskey in the coffee cup. 10 years in prison!

  14. Frankly,

    “the CNN driver took I-66 and we passed this scene of a woman” –Jonathan Turley

    What’s surprises me is that Professor Turley could apparently see that the device was a Nook, as opposed to a Kindle…

  15. We need loudspeakers and at the rear of our vehicles large lighted signs with messages whereby we hit button number 1 and it flashes: GET OFF THE F-ING PHONE!

  16. Many answers: She has the latest drive-yourself vehicle; she has a midget in the back seat with a dual-control; she is trying to get on CNN;
    she thinks you’re only interested in reading over her shoulder…….

    When will the all-purpose head-inclosing helmet come so we can avoid all un-screened and natural sound communication, fitted with remote manual as well as computer APs for all daily tasks.
    The only problem so far with such helmets is that they haven’t fixed the scratch your nose function.

  17. Hope you were not driving while you took these shots 8-{D

    But really this has become an almost daily experience. It has been made even worse recently by the addition of large GPS units installed on suction cups to the windshield block the view & demanding the drivers attention

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