Video Captures Struggle Of Citizens To Receive A Complaint Form To Report Police Abuse

This is a striking collection of scenes from citizens going to various police stations to try to obtain a complaint form to report police misconduct. They are met with little cooperation and often outright hostility.

The concern is that few citizens are likely to persist in such efforts once they encounter such obstruction or anger from police. The question is why such forms are not readily available and why officers are not trained to assist citizens seeking to file complaints. While I do not believe that this is the universal, or even the common response, of officers, the video should prompt questions about the policies of local police departments on the handling of such requests.

21 thoughts on “Video Captures Struggle Of Citizens To Receive A Complaint Form To Report Police Abuse”

  1. This is NOT the first video of this type, there was another made before this.

    I really don’t know WHY the cops would object to handing out the forms.

    In just about every case I have seen they “investigate” themselves anyway. And unless there is no possible excuse…I mean they can’t come up with even a poor one…do they do anything to the cop/cops. (And a lot of times, they even try to skate by on ludicrous excuses.)

    And THEN even when the evidence is overwhelming they never get the same sentence as a ordinary citizen.

    A GLARING example:

  2. You don’t believe this is the common response?! Seriously?

    Mr. Turley you’re living in a dream world.

  3. In all the attempts made by individuals (?part of a group effort?) was there even 1 instance where a form was supplied? And what happened to those arrested when asking? Has anyone else ever requested such a form and been given or refused one??

  4. It does not surprise me that Police are not like Jesus is. Jesus gives mercy, and does not give evil for evil. Humans are not seeing Jesus to be changed into his image. Militarily, and police show to the young that might makes right. The same negitive spirit wants to call the seeing an external organ called a penis bad. Some sites don’t allow for the word to be typed on their web page. I saw a news broadcasting human say one time that the crime went down with less policemen. Her human mind could not comprehend that. Christ in us reduces crime.

  5. Someone should take a peek at the training manuals for these cops. The reactions were so similar, almost as if scripted . . .

  6. “To turn Law Enforcement’s usual justification back to them: If they have nothing to hide, why do they object to being investigated?”


    Excellent point with decidedly ironic connotations. I’d add that the militarization and the glamorizing of the police (First Responders) since 9/11 has increased their arrogance towards the public, ably assisted by demagogic politicians and adulation by the media.

  7. To turn Law Enforcement’s usual justification back to them: If they have nothing to hide, why do they object to being investigated?

  8. Hmmmm…the police don’t like to be videoed and falsely arrest people for that…… connection. The cell phone maybe the start of a new revolution.

  9. plus…..’retaliate’….????!!!!!!

    they would have to assume that someone was making a deliberate threat….or judge a threat a personal…and while i am not naive enuff to think that never happens….why would the police have different recourse than the channels of the law provide?????

  10. If they are bogus complaints the police certainly know how to retaliate.~Roland Darby
    Not everyone in law enforcement would agree on what is and isn’t ‘bogus’…do you think the police and other ‘law’ enforcement have become the thing that they were designed to protect us from? Because with the obvious lack of objectivity….I certainly do….

  11. The form should be available on the internet. If they are bogus complaints the police certainly know how to retaliate. -Roland Darby

    I agree about the forms being on the internet. And with regard to your last point, ain’t it the truth…

  12. If you ask for a form and they say Sir: I need to see your drivers license! Then there is an institutional problem. This video was shot in 2007. It needs to be shown as much as possible in the town involved and nationwide. Good post here.

  13. If a police department does not have an Internal Affairs Department then one must go to an outside source. Police board? ACLU have some affinity for the problems in the burg? Political oversight: Mayor, Alderman, State Representative.

  14. These are eggregious circumstances. I’d like to know if this was indicative of most of the inquiries about complaints or the exceptions to the rule. All of these cops have an attitude problem and apparently are used to getting their way. I blame the judges in their jurisdictions who apparently allow them, through their rulings, to feel this way. All people on the bench need to see this video — even those in denial about the illegal activities of the police.

  15. so glad to see this here.

    no one should have to complain to the police…about the police.

    Cops, when they feel threatened….get threatening.

    That said, some of those ‘complainants’ were bizarre.

  16. No, no, they do not have to “tell you what happened.” The only people in the force that you should have to tell his IA, and you should be able to get a form to fill out so IA can contact you. Someone working the front desk might have a personal relationship with the officer being reported on and therefor there would be a conflict of interest.

    I am sorry Professor, I cannot share your optimism about departments in general. The Blue Wall of Silence is alive in well.

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