Freeze, U.S. Congress! Rep. King Criticized For Video Of Raid Posted On YouTube

Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, is embroiled in another controversy. King has previously been criticized for anti-Muslim statements and his express support for the IRA, despite its listing as a terrorist organization. Now, King has triggered an investigation after he went along with U.S. Marshals on a raid of a home and gleefully filmed the arrest of a citizen, including what appears footage inside the person’s home. It is the perfect merging of entertainment, politics, and crime. In the land of the blind, the one-cameraed man is King.

King is shown in the video dressed in a black Marshals jacket and part of a raid on the residence.

The U.S. Marshals Service is investigating whether the video violated privacy policies. Ride alongs are not supposed to enter homes and certainly not supposed to enter homes with camera. The video shows King joking around about the arrest of the individual. The video seems to capture how citizens have come to view crime as a form of entertainment — a fun lark on a Friday night to be filmed and posted on YouTube. Of course, the props in this private production are citizens in the midst of having their lives turned upside down — citizens with a presumption of innocence.

King appears to adopt the persona of a reality television host in the Geraldo genre: “There’s a fugitive they’re after; he’s expected to be armed,” King explains at the beginning of the video, after mentioning that he just saw marshals “take down” two people in the Bronx. “He’s high risk. It’s gonna be down on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn, just a few blocks from where I went to High School. Anyway, more now from Lenny DePaul and the other guys you may have seen on television in Manhunters.”

Here is the video in question.

Future ride-alongs with King could present some interesting problems if he succeeds in his efforts to make it a crime to come within 1000 feet of a member of Congress or federal official with a gun. How about when a member of Congress comes bursting into your home with a video camera?

Source: TPM

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    1. A lot of fat heads in the video
    2. Congressman schmucko implicates Notre Dame and Addidas as accomplices in his trespass
    3. They all talk with speech impediments
    4. They broke through a neighboring door
    5. Warrant does not give right of trespass to Congressman Schmucko and he can be sued in federal court for actions under color of state law depriving plaintiffs (including neighbors on the hallway) of their civil rights to their property and to be free from intrusion, trespass. Sue in his federal district becasue there will be numerous people on the jury panel who cannot stand the guy. Motion For Partial Summary Judgment should be filed on the issue of liability because he is not named in the warrant as having the right to trespass with remaining issue being the amount of damages sustained. That lady in the video screaming would be a good plaintiff.

    The fat Congressman is over weight and will cots the taxpayer a lot of money in his free CongressCare Healthplan (for life).

  2. The wrong place at the wrong time.

    His podnah is about as sharp as King is:

    Republican congressional candidate Dan Dolan of Muscatine arrived early at the Monroe County Courthouse for the Republican convention being held Saturday in Albia, Iowa.

    Unfortunately, the county Democrats were holding their convention in the same building, and Dolan spoke to the wrong group of people.

    “Nobody asked enough questions before he started speaking,” Monroe County Supervisor Denny Ryan said. “It finally got to the point in the speech where one of the people said, ‘Are you sure you’re at the right convention?'”


  3. eniobob,

    Me thinks this is Coulter’s way of culling the competition. This plethora of conservative “Con Men And Charlatans” is cutting into her profit margin. The number of fanatical followers is finite and Coulter wants to up her share.

  4. In that this is not taking place in public is it illegal for Rep King to post it without the consent of all parties?

  5. And this is an expression of democracy. What a farce.
    Would love to send him to the Hezbollah part of Beirut to address the students at the girl school for children to suicide bombers.
    Do you thing he would connect. When Baer was there they loved American culture anyway!
    the world is curious.

  6. Looking at 7 or 8 guys queued up bumper-to-bumper on the staircase, I couldn’t help wondering how many of them it would take to screw in a light bulb.

    WTF? Maybe they expected the guy to have a six-shooter. They present the first 6 of themselves in a nice orderly line. He shoots the 6, then the 7th and 8th are safe as he’s out of ammunition.

    It was also gob-smacking that the officer in charge was unable to describe why the guy was wanted except in vague terms. Research much? It could save lives and/or a lot of messing about.

    Quite apart from the invasion of privacy and the flouting of rules, the whole raid appeared to be completely shambolic.
    What were they thinking of – allowing such a Keystone Cops farce to be recorded and circulated?

    There is an obvious case here for apartments to be much larger and to have wider staircases.

  7. In the spirit of openness and fairness, I’m posting a YouTube video inside Peter King’s private residence:

  8. I grew up family friends with our Congressman. He was very bright, very engaged and very concerned about how to make America better than it already was. Being young & stupid I thought that was every Congressman. Then I went to DC for a summer. Far and away too many representatives and morons, wastrels and bozos. Rep King seems to be the trifecta.

  9. Like all other laws and the constitution…. It’s followed on a need by need basis…. Selectively of course….

  10. AY:

    didnt John Glen and Jake Starnes get a ride in the space shuttle a few years ago?

    Just kissing the congress-critter’s ass for some funding money.

    Disband that organization [DHS] before it becomes the American Gestapo if it hasnt already.

    I wonder at this point if it could be disbanded? Could a president sign it out of existence?

  11. What kind of ass is he….. I can think of many ethical conflicts as a legislator…..

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