Frogetaboutit: New Species of Frog Discovered in the Big Apple

A new species of leopard frog has been discovered in one of the most wild and exotic places on earth . . . New York City. Having just returned from a weekend in New York with the kids, we explored our favorite spots in this unique ecosystem from the feeding hole known as Carnegie Deli to the herding areas of Times Square. We did not, however, spot this little guy despite trips to Central Park. That is probably because it turns out that this little guy prefers Staten Island to Manhattan.

Scientists previously assumed that the frogs in the area with these markings were merely the southern leopard frog. The new frog was found also in New Jersey and northern parts of New York City. That raises serious debate over whether they are Jets or Giants fans. Under a survival of the fittest theory, they would be Giants fans in light of the last Super Bowl. However, I believe it is worth noting that the frog is hunter green and white — the colors of the Jets.

I am amazed that no one made the discovery earlier. It should have been obvious that it was a unique New York species when it folded its pizza and croaked really really loud.

Source: Ny Times

7 thoughts on “Frogetaboutit: New Species of Frog Discovered in the Big Apple”

  1. What an adorable frog and what a great sense of humor.
    Thank you Professor Turley.


  2. Not wanting to avoid all the obvious jokes, but…..
    “…..and northern counties of New York city.”
    I thought it had boroughs (with presidents, and frogs).
    Counties, yet. New York is big. Staten Island is a borough isn’t it?

    Croak, gimme a pizza, soft bottom wid……….!

    BTW, give us a list of your favo restaurants and delis, etc. in manhattan. Please, pretty please with sugar on it.

    I sent the one in Durham to my niece who works in Raleigh.

  3. Some of the most interesting things come from under the rocks in NYC.

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