Professors Who Tweet: Educational Site Lists Top 50 Law Professors On Twitter

An online site has released a list of the top 50 law professors on Twitter. I am listed in the top 50 as is one of my colleagues, Dan Solove, at George Washington University. The listing is not ranked but it is an interesting array of academics.

The World Wide Learning site produced the list. I use Twitter to post the links to our articles and, on occasion, an interview that relates to a prior posting. We have roughly 5000 followers on Twitter which is a great way to reach out to our readers and regulars with news developments. You can join our merry band at this link.

The list does show how law faculty are incorporating the Internet and social media into their work. I incorporate this blog into my law classes on torts and constitutional law to give students an array of different cases in those areas — and an opportunity to discuss their implications. I still consider myself to be a technological chimp, however, with barely enough skill to function in the cyber world.

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  1. i don’t tweet but i did get a titter over #8’s name.

    maybe one day i’ll grow up

    yeah right

  2. TalkinDog:

    To your point,this case is huge here in Manhattan:

    “Law schools are replete with non lawyers–those who had never picked a jury.”

    Check this out:

    :His role has engendered questions from the judge — who prompted Gleason to acknowledge in court Monday that he has never tried a felony case — and tensions with her court-appointed lawyer, Richard Siracusa. Siracusa, a veteran defense lawyer, was put on the case before Gleason got involved at the behest of a Gristina family friend.:

  3. In a prior life, long before the internet, I went to a law school which had and has, several professors are were twits. We never ranked them per se. What we did was quote them when they said something stupid and put it up on a bulletin board. The quotes were under a sign which said ”

    Res Ipsa Loquitur

    One professor was nicknamed The Thing. Another was nicknamed: Itself.

    I could not imagine a medical school where surgeons were taught surgery by those who never wielded a scapel. Law schools are replete with non lawyers–those who had never picked a jury. Our Supreme Court does not have on Justice who ever defended a person facing the death penalty. I think one of them tried criminal cases as a prosecutor. They are mostly Ivy League, DC Court of Appeals, with speech impediments from NYC or thereabouts. All of that rant being said, professors who tweet are likely to be more worldly than twits who dont.


  4. Morrow said Goodnight and Good Luck. That was a good line since he was reporting during the Blitz in London, and you needed luck to make it to dawn.

  5. “idealist707
    1, March 15, 2012 at 7:26 am
    Not Being A Tweeter:

    I too am a member of that club,I do look with envy at those who pull their little keyboards out from beneath their cell phones and type away like its second nature to the tweeter as is breathing.

  6. didn’t murrow end his programs with “goodnight america” I wondered if he thought america would end up here.
    His saying is a good one.

  7. I’m old! I really don’t get the point of tweeter. Given that law school costs about a bagillion dollars should the Professors spend more time plying the Socratic method & less time figuring out how to reduce their thoughts to 140 char or less?

    Tweeter reminds me often of a quote from Edward R. Murrow, “Just because your voice now reaches the ends of the Earth does not mean you know more than when it only reached the end of the bar.”

  8. What about those that don’t tweet? We don’t have tigers blood running through our veins.

  9. Not Being A Tweeter (NBAT; related to NBAL, for those who remember)

    How can one list any multicomponent list, with the system as it is reported to be?

    Does evertone get their own tweet, and are grouped then ?

    Just make a joke in reply. An caught up in my intern tweeting, so have no time for others.

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