NOTICE: Status of WordPress Trouble Ticket

Submitted by Gene Howington, Guest Blogger

Some people are still experiencing the “log in” problem when trying to post this morning.  Please be patient.  The problem was only reported last night, but we are hoping to hear from WordPress Support today.  If you really feel compelled to post and are one of the victims of this unfortunate problem, you can try using an alternate email address.

The comments section has been left open on this notice so that anyone else having this problem but not directly in contact with either the host or the Guest Bloggers can let us know via posting under an alternate email address.  There is no need to publicly disclose your regular email address, just tell us that you usually post under screen name X and cannot currently post under your regular email address.  This information may be helpful in resolving the issue with WordPress Support.

Again, we apologize for any inconvienice.

29 thoughts on “NOTICE: Status of WordPress Trouble Ticket”

  1. OS,

    Honestly, I’m all for the two link limit. I think that porridge is just right.

  2. Gene, I think two links is about right. One might be a bit too confining if one wants to post related articles. If more are needed then a second comment is in order, but that is not burdensome. Three or more links in a comment can be asking for clutter. Personally, I am less likely to click the link if there are too many. Short attention span and all that. :mrgreen:

  3. NO forget it for my part,
    Now i know and will max one link a comment. that’ll do it.
    and will promote reading. my long posts work against reading.

    only you, mike s and a few other can fascinate with long ones.
    hope i did not slobber on you. smile.

  4. id707,

    Comments that go into moderation are retained by the system, i.e. editors can look at them if they like and approve their publishing or delete them from the system. The limit on links, while low, does serve a practical function in keeping “pure spam” down. By pure spam I mean posts designed to sell something and/or redirect traffic. Many of those kinds of posts have multiple links.

    It is simply one of the blog editorial policies – although this one is unwritten and more of a policy brought about by tradition – that no one really looks at the moderation queue to publish or trash comments that exceed the link limit.

    I submit this question to our host, the guest bloggers and the commentators though:

    Getting one of us to take over responsibility for clearing the moderation queue based on number of links is . . . unlikely to happen. However, in the alternative, are there those who would be in favor of increasing the limit on links within a single comment to a slightly higher but still reasonable number. For example, a four or five link limit?

    Keep in mind that ultimately this is JT’s decision, but I think it is a fair topic for discussion in order to improve the reader/commentator experience.

  5. Someone claimed that comments that had several links would be met with notice on moderation.
    When I got this notice, see above after my post with several links to FAS.ORG, then it became reason to ask what happened to my comment.
    I write this as a way of letting you know I don’t know what the moderation info means.
    Did my comment with causing this reaction end in limbo?
    Hope this helps ýou help me and others.

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