NOTICE: Status of WordPress Trouble Ticket

Submitted by Gene Howington, Guest Blogger

Some people are still experiencing the “log in” problem when trying to post this morning.  Please be patient.  The problem was only reported last night, but we are hoping to hear from WordPress Support today.  If you really feel compelled to post and are one of the victims of this unfortunate problem, you can try using an alternate email address.

The comments section has been left open on this notice so that anyone else having this problem but not directly in contact with either the host or the Guest Bloggers can let us know via posting under an alternate email address.  There is no need to publicly disclose your regular email address, just tell us that you usually post under screen name X and cannot currently post under your regular email address.  This information may be helpful in resolving the issue with WordPress Support.

Again, we apologize for any inconvienice.

29 thoughts on “NOTICE: Status of WordPress Trouble Ticket”

  1. Gene H.
    Does this get moderated, by whom, and when will it be posted?

    ( multiple links)
    Secrecy News — 03/12/12
    end quote.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    PS My laptop takes forever to start up so I just put it all in “rest” status and leave accounts except email open. so no log in problem—-had login notice once when commenting in the middle of a sesstion.

  2. WordPress is dealing with the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.



    The default filter for discussion puts your comments in moderation if you try to post more than two links per comment. That is likely the cause of your problem.

  3. I mentioned Disqus
    And then someone mentioned Gravatar … which now that think about it might also be the source of the auto-avatar image in my old comments.
    And now.. a WordPress account… I should go rattle all those skeletons in my virtual cupboard.

    Oh look!
    I opened the door labelled WordPress and an account fell out.
    So maybe that was the source of the problem.
    I use the same email address for all of the above. There is no issue for me in having that link

    One thing for sure.. Occasional funnies from having multiple *options* for identifying myself in different fora are a small price to pay in order to avoid some voracious monster like Google or Facebook from comprehensively tracking everything I look at.

  4. I did not know that I had a WordPress account, I do not have an entry for WordPress in my ‘accounts’ file. I do though visit some WordPress blogs and tried two different passwords – the passwords associated with those blogs – and the second one was ‘correct’ and allowed entry to this site. I guess you can have a WordPress account and not know it. I use different passwords on each blog I am signed up to for commenting purposes but all of them may not have required my email address to sign up, requiring only a screen name of some sort to comment.

    ——————————-because it’s handy:
    This is the ‘scale of the universe’ interactive vid in its latest, updated form. Things wiggle, blink and new reference points have been added. It’s pretty cool.

  5. WordPress stuff: signing in

    Some readers have reported that they either have to sign in with WordPress to comment here now, or simply can’t comment at all. I don’t know whether they’ve changed their policy, but I will make inquiries. In the meantime, if other readers know how to help the ones who can’t sign in, post below.

    UPDATE: Here’s the answer I got, which is only marginally lucid:

    We recently updated our commenting system. Now, if someone tries to comment with an email address attached to a account, they’ll need to sign into before they can comment.

    If a commenter can’t remember their credentials, they can reset their password by entering their email address here:

    If they’re trying to comment with an email address that’s not connected to a account, they won’t need to sign up for in order to comment (unless you enabled this option in your Settings). [JAC: that option isn’t enabled.}

    I guess, then, that some of the trouble comes from those of you who have WordPress accounts, but I’m not sure that explains all of it.

  6. I was logged into Disqus earlier and this site was still a problem- also I have different passwords for Disqus and WordPress.

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