Someone Just Cut My First Music Video

ZZ Top look out. One of my friends at the law school sent me this YouTube video, which appears to be a collection of quotes from me set to music. We do not know who put this together but it is the closest thing I will ever have to a music video. Honestly, I appreciate the gesture though I am not sure on how these particular quotes were selected.

They seem like quotes primarily taken from television appearances as opposed to columns. Still, the music makes up for the material. My kids thought it was hilarious because I drive them crazy by making them listen to “old guy music” from big band to golden oldies.

My only concern is that Lady GaGa is totally going to steal my gig.

11 thoughts on “Someone Just Cut My First Music Video”

  1. For a first time effort the video was pretty good and your Mae West admirer deserves our praise.

    Be grateful it wasn’t David E. Kelley producing your first

  2. “Well done to the anonymous “Mae West” that put the video together.” -lottakatz


  3. “ZZ Top look out” LOL, I want to see you show up on the Olbermann show with a beard like theirs. You can’t invoke the name if you can’t invoke the mane. 🙂

    Well done to the anonymous “Mae West” that put the video together.

  4. No need to worry about Lady Gaga, JT. She and Madonna are on a collision course as Madonna wants her career back. I predict sequins and boa feathers will be flying as Madonna desperately tries to keep herself relevant to the music industry.

  5. Jon, here is your problem: Part and parcel to the cabal.

    Here is your solution to all of what supposedly generated the quotes in the above movie, a case 10 so called judges recused (this definition: (of a judge) Excuse oneself from a case because of a possible conflict of interest or lack of impartiality) themselves, and a case granted so called supreme court view (later refused), set on the record in the so called Bucks County Court of Pleas and the US district of Pennsylvania of 37 high crimes and misdemeanors, never answered properly from any official, and resulting in anyone who tried to help being secretly assassinated, namely: Nelson Rockefeller, Senator Hines, Jessica Savitch, Martin Fischbein, Patrick Curran, Robert Formhold, Cecil B. Moore, Art Peters, and on and on, They were assassinated in the process by THOSE that supposedly regulate the process. As well as Meese, Ashcroft, Greenspan and others true resignation reason. This is no joke, no hoax, and took the time from the beginning of the Hague 1945-46 till 2004 to run its coarse. George Bush tried to stop it over 40 times in 2004 by personally going to Bucks County where the case played out. It took the Queen to come for It to be hidden. You didn’t know that did you?

    Wake Up? or is it You are ok with trying to fix broken steel with a banana as a bolt and a human as a nut?

    Want more? Probably not. Prove me wrong.

  6. Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it “commercial.” Here’s a commercial one:

  7. You don’t have anything to worry about the living musicians….. Now if jim hendrix or Morrison were still alive….. Yeah….

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