Meet Jonathan Antoine

Sometimes great things come in big packages.

Antoine, 17, wowed this British audience on “Britain’s Got Talent.” His story of dropping out of school after being bullied over his weight has touched millions. He probably faced comments like Simon Cowell’s line when he walked on stage: “Just when you thought things could not get any worse.” It was not worse. Instead, it made him the new Susan Boyle of unexpected stars after his performance with partner Charlotte Jaconelli of “The Prayer.”

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  1. Tears in my eyes every time I view this … Bless his heart and soul. He deserves the very best in life for his beautiful voice and inspiration to the world!!! Charlotte is and example to the world population! Pay attention Simon!!!

  2. For someone who spent the better paert of his life overwieght and teased I think the courage that it took him to get on stage and do such an amazing performance is more than inspiring. It brought tears to my eyes and I have watched it more than once with the same reaction. It breaks my heart to see such amazing people, with such extraordinary gifts such as his, being teased and bullied simply because of the appearances.

  3. Haha he is known for his effortless style Bettykath. Way to pick up on it.

  4. BTW Bjorling is the short somewhat chubby guy on the right, Merrill is on the left.

  5. Jonathan has a very nice baritone. It is a shame that Opera has fallen out of favor. My favorite tenor hands down is Jussi Bjorling. He rivals Carusso and according to many is better. Here he is singing Bizet’s Pearl Fishers Duet with Robert Merrill who was a baritone, one of his most famous performances. My grandfather was quite friendly with the Bjorlings, and would follow them around on performances. This performance is heavenly.

  6. “Just when you thought things could not get any worse”
    -Simon Cowell (when Antoine walked onto the stage)

    Goin’ with Woosty…

  7. Thank you Professor Turley for caring even about things like that. It gives
    many people much hope.

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