20 thoughts on “Meet Johanna Quaas: 86-Year-Old Gymnast”

  1. Idealist, glad the therapy took. Thats a lot for anyone, much less someone who was first forced into it by circumstance.
    anon, dizzy just trying to watch it but amazing.
    And I’m going to share this link. I guess at 59 I shouldn’t be making those ‘oooff” sounds anymore when I get up from the couch.

  2. I don’t want to take anything away from Johanna Quaas, but…



    lottakatz 1, March 30, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Dredd: β€œIs there life after agility?”

    If there isn’t I’m dead already πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ , lottakatz.

  3. Dredd: “Is there life after agility?”

    If there isn’t I’m dead already πŸ™‚

  4. idealist707;

    So you know that feeling when you push your self out the door and you complete that goal you have set for yourself that day to complete your routine and you walk back in the house and that feeling you get,PRICELESS!!

  5. Geez my 80+ year old granny is healthy enough, but her osteoporosis leaves her in pretty bad shape mobility wise. An 86 year old who can do all that stuff is simply amazing.

  6. Eniobob,
    Got started as a rehab patient, and continue as non-patient with physical therapy machines. Although some don’t require equipment.
    Push ups, pull-downs, push-forwards, push-downs, sit-ups with knees bent and feet flat, curls, stand-ups, stairs, stationary bicycling, leg-extensions against weights. All adjustable for weight and body size. Good stuff.
    My bird legs are getting better. Plus walking every other day.

  7. I just put this video up on my high school alumni facebook page as a challenge to all my classmates. We all turn 60 sometime this year and at a minimum we need to prepare for our 65th reunion.

  8. What is that in dog years? We have a 12 year old who still fetches bones but wont fetch a tennis ball. We call him SmartDog and SmartDog is learning the Dogalogue machine and says he will contribute to this blog when he has something good to say. He is still cussing about that slut who threw the puppies. That was his bark at the end of the last comment we made here at Stanley’s dolphin training studio where our dog pack meets to discuss national security.

  9. Is Professor Turley sending us aging widebodies a subliminal message?

  10. idealist707

    “Eniobob, how often? ”

    Every other day,then do lifting of 40 lb dumbells for 15 minutes,finish off with cup of Yogurt and can of Nutrament,Yogurt and Nutrament every day,

  11. Guess she started 80 years ago, and never stopped. Such grace and control.

    Eniobob, how often? Not competing, just admiring.

  12. Makes me want to increase my (2) mile walk to (3).She is the perfect example of the commercial that says”A body in motion stays in motion”


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