[Not] Breaking Away: Police Capture Bicyclist After High-Speed Chase

We have discussed our share of car chase chases on this blog — often debating the wisdom of high-speed chases or issues of liability. This chase by Czech officers is a stand out. They are traveling at 60 mph (100 km/h) in a chase with a guy on a bike. That’s right, a guy is moving at 60 mph and racing a cruiser on the highway.

The police spotted the bicyclist drafting off a van and turned on its siren and lights. That is when the bicyclist put his pedals to the metal. What follows is a chase with attempts to lose the car.

It is “Breaking Away” Meets “Bullitt”.

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4 thoughts on “[Not] Breaking Away: Police Capture Bicyclist After High-Speed Chase”

  1. Lance Armstrong is not intended Texas Hill Country anymore…..

  2. It isn’t even a road bike. The guy looks like he got away into the woods or something.

  3. If a medal or a ribbon or something didn’t come with that ticket, it should have. I’m sure his neighborhood dogs hate this guy.

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