Note to Bloggers: The Turley Blog Death Star To Be Shelved

After the bruising battle for the top opinion blog in past years, our regulars have been planning to prepare for this year’s competition.  However, I am sorry to report that as of this morning I have decided to shelve the plans for a Turley Blog Death Star. Due to these lean times of downsizing and layoffs, the Death Star is no longer financially practicable in light of the recent report by Lehigh students that the star will cost $852 quadrillion. With current revenue generation from advertisements at zero, we will have to focus on other methods of seeking a competitive edge against Volokh Conspiracy, Ann Althouse and the rest.

The students concluded that it would require 1.08 x 1015 metric tons of steel to build the Death Star (which we planned to call the Friendship Star for marketing purposes). Based on the world’s current output it would take 833,315 years to produce enough steel and $852,000,000,000,000,000. Of course, I cannot imagine a better jobs bill if Congress were to offer the blog federal assistance.

In the interim, I want to introduce our latest weekend guest editor:

Source: Lehigh Valley

139 thoughts on “Note to Bloggers: The Turley Blog Death Star To Be Shelved”

  1. Mike,

    Your point is taken…. And thank you.

    I hope you had a wonderful trip….. In your car of course…..

  2. Mike S,

    Your point is taken….. Since,I presume that it was directed at me….. We will see if any new/old business gets brought up….. And I will take it from there….. Not promising I will or won’t….

    1. AY,
      It was directed at you and others. Not particularly in that order.

  3. ID707,

    I am not looking to prolong or even pontificate on anything here….. As you can seen the blog has a degree of civility…..just like when you feel as you’ve been wronged…. Say something…. The defensive does not necessarily work with everyone….. The issue(s) with the other poster extends beyond this blog and that’s why reasonable people have mostly stayed out of it…..unfortunately you walked right into the middle of it one Saturday…..then the revenge of the sisterhood stepped in with its ugly head….some folks have not the ability to separate fact from feelings….. And they will defend just for that reason……

    As has been said….. Don’t start none and none will be delivered….. We’re all in sales……… If you order bullshit…..your order may just be filled….

    1. Hmm?
      Has anyone noticed that this “peacemaking process has drawn itself out far beyond necessary? Are we returning to civility, or vying for who gets the last word?

  4. AY,
    Warning humor attempt!
    Just wanted to tell you that in view of the ending of hostilities, I’ve decided to put you in my hall of great personal wars. Not that I can promise it will last as long as a pyramid, but anyway…..
    And I know you don’t (and shouldn’t) give a rat’s ass.
    Thanks anyway for giving me a milestone to record.

    Just feeling frisky eating my porridge, and found you usefully near in my thoughts.

  5. PS You don’t suppose that Israel got angry cuz I spent more days on the West Bank than there (it was my French girlfriends love of shrines, you know). The man who pinned my visa in my pass seemed unusually friendly, for that type of function. Like I had a choice. Bus back to Amman was no option. To think that they should quarrel over my favors, and with the neighbors too. Just shows.
    And I went to Beka valley in Lebanon too, and we know what happened there later. Right?, just goes to show. The wrong people visiting old Roman temples and drinking pop with his bare-clad french girl, in front of innocent muslim men of 70 years. It can lead to no good.

  6. GENERAL, if anybody comes here.
    I won’t get involved in discussion of others’ conflicts, but do find them helpful in fleshing out things for me.

    But maybe my knockdown had some influence. Won’t take the responsibility. It the traffic causes you to beat your kids, does the traffic apologize?
    But things happen, that we self-centered egotists enjoy.
    Like my ringing the Am embassy in ’67 in Lebanon and asking if it was safe to visit the Palestinians, as they were then called in the media. Like, “Jordan ejects Palestinian refugees as too many and for involvement in internal politics, etc. “NO problem”, they said. Journey accomplished and onward to Israel, etc. BIG war in June ’67, 40 days later.
    So, on to Greece. visit and photo op the pleated white skirt guard high-kicking outside the royal palace, in clogs yet as footwear (and they sprang from Marathon in those??). One month later junta leads a rev and king goes, counting his drachmas and his mistresses.
    So it goes. Don’t asked me what happened next. Oh well. Nothing. Can’t beat the odds shooting crap, at least with their dice. (Pardon, the script weakened at the end. Got tempted by the influence of eating lunch with Hollywood scriptwriters on the dekis.)

  7. Wow. Michael Ansara is 90 years old. In addition to getting to be a real cool Klingon, that guy used to regularly screw Barbara Eden. What a guy!

  8. AY, and nobody else,
    Re-read your post starting with going with b’s advice——
    Now up from 75 to almost 100 percent (one should never believe 100 percent). Very kool (Not as in Kool-aid kid by Tom Wolfe). and funny.
    And that wss neither ass-kissing nor buddying-up, just expressing an enjoyment. Your writings are/were a puzzle to me. Having solved one, I feel like having gotten a new merit badge. A good review of possible remedies and headaches, depending on how you see them, like binging it. Ha. or Microsoft search. Ugh.
    Nuf said.

  9. Woosty,

    I am trying to actually trying to bury the hatchet….. If you’ll read my statement to SWM at 10:38 it is evident…. If she wants it to keep up…. I can go another round or two….. It’s up to her now….. To take the peace offering or not…..

  10. Now be civil and leave me alone…. It is funny…. When you misrepresented me and I defended myself…. All helll broke loose….. Funny how this is different…… Oh yeah…. I am not supposed to do that….. Wrong….. I’ve seen a couple of others here defend themselves….. Even just today…. Wow….

  11. Reality is what is is….. Not misrepresenting what is provable…… Yes, I smoke cigarettes….yes, I walk the other way……. The rest is questionable…..

  12. We don’t speak when I pass you smoking by the store so why would I bother you here. Sometimes I even cross the street to avoid you. There have been no emails passed between us since last summer. There can be no truce as long as you try to misrepresent me on this blog. On the outside in the real world I have way too much support for you to misrepresent me.

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