Note to Bloggers: The Turley Blog Death Star To Be Shelved

After the bruising battle for the top opinion blog in past years, our regulars have been planning to prepare for this year’s competition.  However, I am sorry to report that as of this morning I have decided to shelve the plans for a Turley Blog Death Star. Due to these lean times of downsizing and layoffs, the Death Star is no longer financially practicable in light of the recent report by Lehigh students that the star will cost $852 quadrillion. With current revenue generation from advertisements at zero, we will have to focus on other methods of seeking a competitive edge against Volokh Conspiracy, Ann Althouse and the rest.

The students concluded that it would require 1.08 x 1015 metric tons of steel to build the Death Star (which we planned to call the Friendship Star for marketing purposes). Based on the world’s current output it would take 833,315 years to produce enough steel and $852,000,000,000,000,000. Of course, I cannot imagine a better jobs bill if Congress were to offer the blog federal assistance.

In the interim, I want to introduce our latest weekend guest editor:

Source: Lehigh Valley

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  1. I will add in conclusion…. On this site, I get my new mail notifications and I see your name and I delete it…. Maybe…. Just maybe….. I do want to thank you again……

  2. You know, your reality is what it is….. I accept that…. I need not check with anyone regarding any such thing…. I was unaware anyone left…. The revenge of the sisterhood got in full swing…. Do you like need emails to refresh your memory? You have it right there is no need for forgiveness, I was extending my offer in the hopes of civility, where you would not keep on attacking me….. Could I ask you to please just leave me alone on this blog and in real life? I wish I could figure out how to send your emails to the spam filter on here as I have done else where…..

  3. I did a limited number of benign sockpuppets nearly a year ago or whenever Bloiuse left. I am not known for sockpuppets. You can check with the administrators of the blog. There is no need for forgiveness anywhere just blog civility for the sake of others.

  4. I don’t control others conduct. I as well as you have been known for sockpuppets….. If you want a mutual truce, I’m for it…. And please do not read anything into this other than a forgiveness on this blog….

  5. If you could just get your sockpuppets to back off, there might be deal.

  6. ID707,

    We’re good….. As you’ll note… I rarely attack or get on the defensive mode…. Why? Cause, I’m learning time usually takes care of the shills…. Just not the details….

    Now, there is a counter measure still present because of beef with another poster when I was, in my opinion attacked unjustified…… It is as pretty much ignored except for the revenge of the sisterhood……

    As has been pointed out to you… Don’t attack and a reprise will not only occur……

  7. Not understanding, once again, not understanding.

    Sometimes, while reading Nabokov, I used to get the idea that he had written certain passages for the specific purpose of making me realize how inadequate I was as a reader. I forgave him immediately for this, in view of his one-sentence explanation (in LOLITA) of the circumstances of Humbert Humbert’s mother’s death while HH was so young: “(picnic, lightning)” so it was not a big issue and I’ll still take his books (including SPEAK, MEMORY) to bed with me. But that feeling sometimes comes back to me, and I have to say (to myself, to MYSELF, please everybody know that): I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS PASSAGE AT ALL.

    It happens to me every time somebody uses the word “paradigm,” for example. If the word “paradigm” appears, I do not understand the sentence it appears in; usually I cannot even get the sense of the surrounding paragraph. With an author like Sebald, who hardly ever uses paragraph breaks, I would probably lose a whole chapter.

    All that to say that I didn’t understand. (Gene H, if I could do those faces here — yes I know, you tried to teach me, but I’m a slow learner — I’d put in one of those really confused-looking faces, perhaps robin-egg blue.)

    Perhaps the voting legislators on this thread should consider passing this bill:

    The “Stand Your Ground Bloggification Amendment”

    If one reasonably believes that a co-blogger is expressing (a) a direct challenge to one’s competency, (b) an indirect challenge to one’s competency, (c) an indirect challenge to one’s relevancy, (d) a misdirected challenge to one’s temporary or permanent insolvency, or (e) a hoot and a holler while falling from a great height, one may respond with force, including psychoneuropharmacological force, and need not retreat.

    Or something. (Another face would go here.)

  8. AY, Now I understand 75%. Amusing, in a friendly way meant.
    What the net does, wasn’t discussed. Just an issue of which modem prog version I had installed.

    Problem solved by ISP. Modem program bug. Have latest program. Can occur but rarely. Solution: Start on PCn. Not needed here. Friendly bug?


  9. I’m glad the sunhine came out again. The fault was just the spice I needed on my paranoia pie last night. Feeling better now

    Was much amused by your answer. Understood half. And you see of course how easy it is to twist my head.

    I rang the ISP the first I did. Weekend service only banker’s hours. Again today.

    Thanks to both of you.


  10. That was a good answer as well….. As you can see civility emerges once again….

  11. id707,

    The correct people to be taking advice from on your computer issue is your Internet Service Provider.

  12. Geeze, guess you have to go with b’s answer…… I will offer this piece of advice….. Urban myth or not….. It is very possible…. Especially if you have different companies selling the same service and how the modem is configured by the isp…… But good with the answer that suits you best….. But you can Google…… Can more than one person have the same ip address….. And lordy, lordy….there is a even a Microsoft Windows answer…. Go figure…..

    Now if you bing it….. You of course can happen upon a UK Site….. But just for the fun of it….. Treat these as urban myth….. It’ll make your follower much happier…..

  13. AY,
    I believe you. What choice do I have?
    I have vista home premium.
    You say:
    “You have to be using a public wifi, router or secure with the password….. ”
    Not using public wi-fi. What router? And secure with password==???.
    I have no router, but have mobile broadband and using code to access the net. What is “secure with the password”?

    Thanks for helping ease my mind. Getting paranoid again.
    Of course you mentioning the knowledge that my IP could be cloned does not help me at least. I’ve been looking over my shoulder since many years.

    Would you care to explain that part of your post referring to Windows 7?

    If somebody is cloning my IP then that means they get all my transactions up and down, which includes login IDs and passwords. Kinda bad stuff.

    You mentioned same router or hub, How big an area a hub covers in beyond me. Any idea?

  14. id707,

    Talk to your provider. I just talked to my neighbor who is in charge of the task force going after computer child pornographers. He laughed about the windows 7 thing calling it an urban myth. He strongly suggests you talk to your provider and though he doesn’t know the set up in Sweden, here you can reach your provider 24/7. By provider he means your internet service provider.

  15. No ID707, that was for informational purposes only…. You have to be using a public wifi, router or secure with the password….. Unless you’re running windows7 you don’t have to worry….

  16. I wonder what the word rate is on Western Union. Oh, they just do money transfers today?
    Anybody old enough to remember telegrams? You know, those things that came with a gold star attached.

  17. Blouise,
    Thanks a lot.
    But now I may have even bigger troubles When logging on to the net, I got a message that someone else has the same IP address as mine.
    What that means I do not know, but AY’s post worries me:
    “…And to the master of computer capabilities…… One of the issues with windows7 is that it will (can) clone the same ip, if using the same router or hub….”
    So is it an accident after years on line or is it sabotage.
    If some bad posts come with my name, then you can guess that they are not mine. Am surprised that can communicate at all. If I disappear you know why. No help until office hours tomorrow.
    What was it Marisha said: Nobody knows the trouble I’ve known…..

  18. id707,

    “Atta Boy” (noun: Military in origin, recognition or commendation for good work ) 😉

  19. GeneH,
    You would enjoy the 12 questions I wrote as an exam, to be passed before posting, last night after leaving here.
    To avoid unnecessary posts, in the first place, I have many earlier issues with myself on those aspects. But also to avoid unnecessary disruption and “attacks”. You brought the insight that my personality here has not kept up with the last few weeks improvement IRL, it was very needed. We will see if I can be ME, without the childish needs.
    I won’t say wish me luck as I feel that you do.

    AY, Don’t understand what you wrote. Are you implying that I am some sort of PC expert? LOL. I once wrote assembler programs, 1970-72, badly. Anyway, have tried to reveal all but my email address. BFN

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