TSA Inspector Arrested For Stealing iPads

Clayton Keith Dovel, 36, is the latest Transportation Security Administration baggage inspector arrested for theft. Dovel was found with stolen iPads from luggage of passengers snatched at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

Police found eight stolen iPads, including one that was found with Dovel’s possessions at the airport. The iPads are valued at $20,000. I am astonished that anyone would think that they could get away with such a pattern of criminality.

What is most interesting is that one of the travelers located his stolen iPad through an electronic tracer and showed its location as a Bedford house owned by Dovel.

The case seems pretty airtight. A plea is the obvious course, though it does not seem that the defense has much to negotiate with in terms of a deal.

Source: Star Telegram as first seen on ABA Journal

24 thoughts on “TSA Inspector Arrested For Stealing iPads”

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  2. Kraaken,
    There must be a political solution. Vote Democratic, and then cut the testicles off the ones who sell us out.

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